13 months


Benjamin is turning into all boy πŸ™‚

Keaton & Benjamin spend their afternoons wrestling each other and laughing til Keaton is crying – seriously. And me too usually. πŸ™‚

B is quite the talker – most of the time it’s a fluke (right?!) but if we ask if he’s done (at a meal for instance) he says, “Done”. Other words of interest:

Mama, Daddy, Duck, Quack, Head, Meow (Do animal sounds count? haha) and wow.

He still takes two naps a day (whew). I realized this morning that will change soon and then my world will change! I love that little break mid-morning – allowing Keaton some snack time, while I jump in the shower…oh, it’ll change so much!

He sleeps from about 6pm – 6am, sometimes much later (some times he wakes much earlier haha)

He still naps in the sling during church on Sunday mornings, usually throughout the entire service, yay!

He has quite the personality! He is so funny! He loves making us laugh – which causes him to laugh hysterically.

He loves to give hugs & kisses (on his terms, I got 104 kisses yesterday, it’s 12:42pm and I’m still trying to get 1 kiss from him today, haha!)

We’re still avoiding wheat, though I throw in some wheaty things about once a week or so to see how he handles it and honestly, it’s getting much better! Granted I’m not giving him stalks of wheat at every meal, I’m trying to do things that have very little wheat, but this is encouraging to me none the less!

He has 8 teeth presently coming in (6 have cut through, 2 are bulging). I was oh-so-excited to remember that after these teeth emerge, there will only be the four 2-year molars left!!! He takes them like a champ too (in comparison to another baby we may or may not know…ahem) πŸ˜‰

He’s a walking fool now and trying to hard to run and keep up with Keaton – it will not be long!

I think I covered all the biggies πŸ™‚ IMG_7619


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  1. Such a cutie!
    Yes, life will change once he stops the morning nap. Jonathan was almost 2 yo before he gave up that morning nap, and Aaron was about 20 months. (Martin went to one nap about the same age as B is right now)
    Change is sometimes hard, but you will settle right into your new routine like a champ. My routine has been changing for the past 8 years! LOL Rosalie will probably be moving to 2 naps from 3 sometime soon. Nap schedules don’t really phase me anymore because I have 2 that don’t take naps at all, so my breaks really don’t come until about 9 PM at night.
    I love in your status updates – how cheerful you are about your nap upsets – it’s refreshing to hear such a good attitude about it! Because, seriously, what can you do? They will nap as they nap, whether you like it or not! LOL

    • I agree. Some people get really bent out of shape when their kid does/doesn’t nap or whatever…I’m like, “I have to world’s worst insomnia…I can’t get mad when they don’t sleep!” sometimes you’re just NOT TIRED! lol.

      Now, I don’t want to lie. Sometimes I am upset about it. But that’s just me being super selfish. And well, I can always be working harder on that πŸ˜‰

      Keaton took two naps until about 18 or 19 months…Benjamin loves sleep so much, I hope that he continues for a long time! πŸ˜‰ Good to hear that Jonathan was almost 2! He needs to talk to Benjamin πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh my goodness! Benjamin is so grown up!!

    Laurel is still taking two naps as well and I keep thinking about how much things will change when she gives that first one up– which won’t be long at all I’m sure!

  3. happy 13 months benjamin! i think avery is starting to let go of his one nap…that just means he will be going to be earlier than 730!

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