jabber-talkie, runny-walkie


That totally describes Benjamin right now. He jabbers all day – seriously, 110% completely different than Keaton. Keaton talks a lot, but really only if he has something to say, and then he says it over. and over. and over. and over. “Car, mommy, see car? Daddy Car? Work, car mommy, see?” What, Keaton? You were asking about a snack?? Oh right a car – how did I miss that?? šŸ˜‰ (don’t worry, I’m never sarcastic to my children…ahem).


Just today, Zach swears he heard Benjamin say, “heavy” while trying to lift a stool – I don’t doubt it. What I doubt is that monster baby thought a stool was heavy (you know, the kid who pulls his big brother off the couch and sits on him?)

The garbage men come on Wednesday mornings and the boys get oh-so-excited to see the trash trucks pick up the trash cans and lift them high in the air and see all the trash come falling out, and then wave & say “bye” to them….and then do it all over again for the recyclables truck! Well, Benjamin heard the trucks coming and from the other side of the living room took off *running* (Yes, RUNNING) for the window so he could see – all the while screaming, “Tuck! Tuck! Tuck!” (whew…we need to work an “R” into that word!)

He loves pointing and talking about the ball and squealing with delight when Keaton kicks one RIGHT to him!

This morning Keaton was wearing a Transformers shirt that talked (…he is NOT wearing it for his nap…haha) – Benjamin was super excited over it and kept poking Keaton in the chest screaming “Shirt Shirt!” (thankful for that R sound! haha!)

Benjamin is trying so hard to keep up with Keaton full speed now, they run up and down the hall all morning long, chasing each other, laughing and squealing, and tackling each other and then crying, Keaton punches B, B pushes Keaton down, they both get a swat and they start all over again šŸ˜‰

Have I mentioned lately that I love being a mommy to two boys šŸ™‚


In other exciting news, a friend from high school and I found each other on facebook and she informed me that “back in the day” (sometime in the past 9.5 years since high school…what!?) she tried to take up sewing but never did much with it. She messaged me the other day asking for my address (she has a cake business back home and I got all excited thinking she was sending me cake…) well, it wasn’t cake, but a huge box of fabrics that she’s never gotten back around to using, she even threw in some patterns – including an Amy Butler pattern for a purse! I think everyone heard a scream of joy at about 4:45pm yesterday… šŸ™‚



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