You are reading the blog of the happiest mama on the block tonight!

Tonight at dinner, Benjamin signed “more” and pointed to his tray!!!

“Geesh Terra, he’s 14 months, he should be signing by now…” Yes, yes, you’re right – if we were diligently showing him signs like we did with Keaton! But alas, second child got jipped haha 🙂

With Keaton we’d sit there for hours at a time showing him signs and, well, we just didn’t this time. Part of me didn’t see much “reaping” of benefits from showing Keaton (he did a great job of picking up signs) but he was/is so slow to talk.

Having had a few ASL classes, it’s semi-second nature to sign while I talk (not as much as it used to be though).

Anywho, all that to say, we showed B “more” maybe 5 times in 14 months. Tonight, he was grunting and pointing at what he wanted, and Zach showed him “more” and he did the Jones’-baby-modified-version of “more” (it was too funny b/c it’s half “more” half….not more, haha! and it’s the EXACT same thing Keaton did when he first started signing!)

I’m super proud of my sweet boy! Let’s see if it continues! 🙂


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