As I mentioned before, B has started signing more (yay!) Well, today for some odd reason, B didn’t want to nap (teething, maybe?…really, #16??? Could it be!??!) I’m talking screaming for almost 90 minutes – I went in after a bit and rocked him and sang to him. Silence. Then Screaming. I went and gave him a bottle. Silence. then Screaming. After so long, I gave up, worried he’d wake up Keaton (who somehow slept through it all!) I went and got him. He wanted to snuggle for a bit and, so, after much bribing (whatever!) I obliged. After about 15 minutes, he was tired of that and crawled out of my lap. I asked him why he was awake and not napping. My nearly 14 month old looked around the living room (as if looking for the answer!), looked back at me and signed more. I asked, “More what, sugar?” He smiled. Covered his face with his hands, dropped them and squealed. Meaning? He wanted to play more peek-a-boo …??? Seriously? It’s nap time 😉 …so we played peek-a-boo and he proceeded to run laps around the living room laughing his precious little head off.

Benjamin always sees/hears us to tell Keaton to blow on his food before eating it. A week or so ago, Benjamin started to blow on his food whether it was hot or not 🙂 Well, Keaton has really gotten into pretend lately (making cakes/meals out of his mega bloks). This morning, Keaton brought some blocks over to B and said, “‘Ere you go, Ben…cake. Is hot, blow.” And what does B proceed to do? Blow ever so quietly and gently on his “food”!!! Love it!

Yesterday, B was pointing to asking, “Ah see it?” (My guess is, “What is it?”) I’d say chair/couch/arm/shirt/brother/etc… and he’d laugh, clap and point to something else!

This morning, Keaton asked where his hat was, and I pointed to it and B started patting his head. Keaton asked for shoes and B pointed to his feet and started screaming  (b/c he didn’t have shoes on? My shoe obsession? Sorry kiddo!)

Come back tomorrow to see how our “Teach Benjamin to Clean Up, Boot Camp” is going 😀


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