Oh what a week…(aka: the post where I talk about bodily functions a little too much…sorry.?)


The week started off great. Zach had Fall Break from classes this week. Which really meant, he’d take the week off work and take a CLASS! ha! But, hey – that was half a semester he completed this week!

Anywho – this meant he was home a bit longer in the mornings, but would be home a bit later in the evenings…but that proved to be false as his professor let them out early everyday! Yay!

Wednesday, I had horrible congestion/sinus pressure. I figured it was my yearly fall sinus infection, but that night I was doing a bit better. Thursday morning I woke up and I was so dizzy and nauseous – “so” doesn’t EVEN describe it. I couldn’t walk/see straight/stand up/sit up/carry my children/etc… I was miserable. I ended up asking Zach to come home around noon – thankfully, he was just a couple miles away! I spent half the day in the bathroom…well, “in” the bathroom. Around 2pm, I wondered if it could be “just” an ear infection, but didn’t think that was the case since I’d never been so sick to my stomach with an ear infection. But Dr. Google helped me discover that nausea was indeed common among ear infected adults. sigh.

Zach went and got me crackers and gatorade after putting the boys down for naps. It didn’t help anything, but atleast I had something to eat.

Last night was much of the same. Everytime I woke up, the room was spinning – crazy feeling.

This morning, I was doing “better”. Not nearly as nauseous (just if I stood up too quickly, or turned my head too quickly, or…breathed). Well, I made an appointment at our family doctor’s office for later this afternoon, but really just wanted to see our chiro (she closes at 12noon on Fridays).

So, in the midst of this. B & K are having a terrible no good, very bad day – I’m talking falling and busting mouths, tripping and practically breaking arms – and I can’t do a thing about it because if I stand up, I about fall over.

In the midst of all THAT, Keaton informed me his diaper had come undone (one side of the velcro came unfastened) blasted BumGenius diapers.So I go to change his diaper. I had him lay down on his bed, since I couldn’t lift him onto his changing table for fear of dropping him. Not even thinking, I just ripped the other side…and poop goes flying. every. where. He’s laughing. I’m crying. Benjamin is in his crib screaming (HOW did I get him in there? I have no idea). I’m trying to clean up poop and Keaton just wants to play with it. Get him straightened out, Get Benjamin out of his crib – normally, I get him and we snuggle til he really wakes up – not today, I pull him out of the crib and plop him on the floor and say, “Head to the living room, bud…” He just looks at me like, “What did I do to deserve this?!”

So, then, Zach gets home – YAY!!! I tell him I got a dr’s appointment but really want to go to my chiro – so I call and she says that if I can get in by 12noon, she’ll help me.

We got the boys ready and off we go.

Let me stop and say how much I adore my chiropractor. Seriously. I can’t believe for so long I refused to go. She adjusted me about 18 different ways and gave me a couple tips to help get the fluid draining and to relieve any pain.

So we head out to the van. There’s a lady in a van kind of chuckling at us – I figure we were just a sight to see – Zach carrying Benjamin, me holding his hand so I don’t fall down, Keaton jumping instead of walking…

We get to the van I go to tell K to climb in the van into his seat and then I see the cause of her laughter.

Keaton’s diaper had come undone BLASTED BUMGENIUS DIAPERS. Of course Zach wants to stop and take pictures, I’m like, “Dude, just get him in the van!” (Yes, I believe I called my husband “dude”) 🙂

As I was remedying the diaper situation (much more carefully this time!!) The lady in the van drives by and said something like, “Beautiful family”…right. Thanks 😉

So, we grab lunch, get home, get the boys down. I’m feeling better. Not NEARLY as dizzy, ear feels better, no more nausea.

I *heart* my chiro. 🙂


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  1. Chiros are amazing!! Glad to hear you have such a good one!
    And glad you are feeling much better.
    It’s tough to have to take care of little ones while sick. I’ve done it many times – not fun at all!

  2. Thanks, Larissa! It is so hard. I’m so glad that Zach was off work this week and taking that class. No way could he have come home/helped me out so much! Hopefully I’ll be so much better by Monday!

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