Because when it rains, it pours, right?


Or so we thought. This weekend/beginning of the week could have ended up a lot worse than it did. After me fighting a horrendous ear infection at the end of last week, it started to really improve by Saturday. I still had some dizzy spells from my equilibrium being wonky, but, so much better than Thursday and Friday. Sunday morning, we’re getting ready for church and something wasn’t quite ‘right’ with Benjamin. Wasn’t sure what, so we just assumed teething. We gave him a couple teething tablets before we walked out the door for church in hopes that would calm him.

He normally sleeps in the sling during church, but he didn’t want to this Sunday. He wasn’t really loud, just not wanting to sleep 🙂 Towards the end, he felt the urge to talk to most everyone around him and Zach asked if I wanted him to take B to his class. I told him I really didn’t feel comfortable letting him go if something was “off” in his system. He agreed and just ‘walked’ him along the back of the sanctuary. B loved people watching and trying to make people laugh and wave at him (which he just ate up even more) 😉

We got home and Zach grilled out for lunch. He did up some chicken for B. And for the first time ever (minus the whole HFM episode) this child did NOT want to eat! I knew something was wrong then. He went down without a fight for a nap, but didn’t sleep long. He spent the rest of the afternoon moping around, fussing. His temp was pretty high, but, he’d get bursts of energy and totally be himself. We decided we’d still go to small group, but wouldn’t put him in with the other kids. We ended up keeping him with us (even though the only other child was Keaton) just because he was so clingy and fussy. He ended up falling asleep at one point but with very glad to still flirt with the ladies during accountability time 😉

We got him home and he went to sleep, no problems and slept all night.

Today – his temperature is back to normal (just by feeling, I could tell it would rise & fall throughout the morning) and he was all about a nap – he even walked to his crib and grunted, smacking his crib when I said it was time for a nap.

B has been amazing us with his vocab as well. “Shirt” is the latest addition (I got a video, I’ll try to upload later). Last week it sounded like he was asking, “What is it?” but this week it sounds more like, “What’s that?” He’ll point to something and say, “Ah’s dat?” and watch my mouth as I say it – so different than Keaton, cracks me up.

He’s also saying something that sounds like, “light” while he points to every.single.light. Funny. I remember this light phase with Keaton 😉

Keaton – He moved up to the Older 2’s Sunday School classroom yesterday. We worked hard on really building it up because he has a tendency to freak out when there’s a new room or new teachers, but, in true Keaton style, he walked right in and made himself at home!

Zach finished the classroom portion of his fall break class on Friday, he has a couple assignments to complete, but he’ll be done with that soon!

Papa & Susu are coming this weekend and Keaton is ever so excited (as are we!) It’s all he can talk about!


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