Where did I leave off?


Oh yeh, B and his up and down fever. Well it continued to go up and down on Monday and eventually broke on Tuesday – along with a tooth. So I thought it was all over…

But the fussiness and clinginess (?) continued…

And then Thursday, it appeared…


A rash. It started on his neck, chest and shoulders around lunch time. By dinner time, it was all over his back, his belly, around his “diaper area”, behind his ears, his face…poor kid was a mess!

After talking with some nurse friends, we determined he had Roseola. Thankfully, by Friday morning, most of the rash was gone.

So, we can check that one off our list of weird things our kids have had, haha


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  1. that is so weird b/c this morning charlotte was fine adn then when we picked her up from bed babies she had a rash on her face. it’s no where else but her face..do you think it could be the same thing? She’s been pretty fussy this evening and has just gotten her 2 bottom teeth. she hasn’t been very hungry either…anways..just thought maybe you had experienced something like this?? sorry for the long comment..but i do love reading your blog 🙂

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