….yes, it goes on and on my friend..


Once again – sick children. I should rename this blog…

Keaton started off the week with a cough/congestion, Benjamin joined in Tuesday, on Wednesday night, Benjamin could only sleep upright (thanks to his daddy, he got a bit of sleep), Thursday brought the nebulizer for Keaton and Friday was an interesting day as Keaton took a 6 HOUR NAP…

Today was looking a bit better until at dinner, Keaton started screaming that his ear hurt. Fan. Flipping. Tastic.

He wanted a bath until it was bath time and then just wanted to go to sleep. I talked him into laying on the couch and watching Noggin (it was only 530pm) and letting me put some Similasan drops in his ears and letting me rub them as our chiro has shown us how to do. About 20 minutes later he was running around like normal…thank you, Similasan? haha!

Zach is feeling gross. I’m gross and exhausted.

I made pumpkin bars for our Small Groups’ Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night (aka: Pot Providence, for those who don’t believe in luck) 😉 And tomorrow I’m doing some Baked Mac & Cheese. Yum!

Oh…and we put up the tree today! Along with some other Christmas decor…Yes, the grinch decorated before Thanksgiving! Do not expect to hear ANY Christmas music though!

Ok, long day, long week…off to bed.


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