Our Thanksgivings


Sunday night, our small group had Thanksgiving dinner together…sort of. Zach stayed home with the boys as we were all sick, but I was the healthiest (AND I made the food…and needed adult-out-of-the-house-time!) I hope I represented the family well with some baked Mac & Cheese and some pumpkin bars.

The boys and I hung out here at the house all week, trying to fight off this crud (none of us really succeeding).

We stayed in town due to Zach’s work schedule again. He had to work Wednesday and Friday and then his team leads worship Sunday morning – doing a day trip would probably send me off the deep end right now. So we stayed here. Our original plan was to go to IHOP again (I mean, seriously have you seen their latest pancakes ::Drool::!) Anywho, some friends from church invited us over for a small gathering. So, we opted to not be hermits this year and join them 🙂 I made my Mac & Cheese and a Sweet Potato Casserole (that, for some reason, ended up like soup. I was so bummed, but it was still good – I mean, seriously, how can you screw up sweet potatoes, brown sugar and butter?!)

We had turkey and a ton of sides and a bajillion calories of dessert (but, who’s counting?) It was wonderful – not to mention, Ron & Whitney and sweet Sophie came too…agh, I miss them SO much! And it was such a joy to see them and love on Sophie a bit (though, I think she loved on my hair more, haha) I may or may not be constantly praying for them to move back here 😉

I’m dog sitting for a couple friends this week and earning a couple extra bucks (that I will be using on myself, including a haircut on Saturday) 😀


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