It was all fun & games til it moved…


We set up our tree last weekend (yes, BEFORE Thanksgiving…) and the boys have been doing a great ob of not touching (and B has added a new word to his vocab – “Touch” haha!) Well, the boys were especially fascinated yesterday. B was sitting and staring at an old Snoopy ornament of Zach’s and K bumped the tree, sending Snoopy into a spinning whirlwind – B freaked out! He fell backwards onto Zach and was crying – my word! He was giving Snoopy the stinkeye for the longest time. Zach managed to remedy the situation after a few minutes, but it was quite hysterical for a bit!


In other news, I got my hair cut yesterday. It’s a smidge shorter than I anticipated but I love it!


And, I still don’t have my laptop back.


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