Memorable Words & Conversations


So we have an early bird on our hands. We’ve tried pretty much all we could think of/that was suggested in books, except for a clock. So we finally did that this week. K can’t tell time (though sometimes I wonder!) but, we set the alarm to music and we’ve told him that he must stay in his room until he hears the music. If he wakes up and the music isn’t playing, he has to stay in his room and read/play. Other than a complete meltdown the first night (scared of the clock? not really sure what happened), it’s been going really well. We’re going to slowly keep pushing back the time until we have him in his room until a more acceptable time πŸ˜‰

So, Monday night Zach was at {his last} class {of the semester!!!!!!} and K comes stomping down the all, arms crossed, angry look on his face…
I asked him, “Bud, what’s the matter?”
He replied, “I’m done.”
Me: “Done with what?”
K: “The clock. I’m done.”
Me: “OK….” {quick thinking} “Come show me…” So we go to his room and he points to the clock…
K: “See, I’m done.”
Me: “OK…Well, it’s time to be asleep, so let’s get back into bed…”
K: “The door. Close the door…”
Me: “OK, I will on my way out… Sleep tight. I love you, bud.”
K: “K, love you too, mama….”
Insert shrieking laughter here…???!!

Not really sure WHAT that was all about, but it happened again on Tuesday night, while Zach was at praise band practice… very odd.


On Tuesday, we went to each lunch with Zach at work and we ended up getting there a bit early. So we sat in the van and read books and sang songs while waiting for Zach to finish up. There was a shapes book and K opened it and said, “mama! look! A circle!” (which sounds more like, “A cur-ule”!) So I told him he was right, and asked what other shapes he saw. He could name off the “normal” shapes (square, circle, heart, star, triangle and crescent “moon”) and then said, “look mommy, it’s ‘n oc-gone…” You know what an octagon is…?? Great! So, we start looking through the book (where it shows items that are the shapes…ball and clock for circles, etc…) So it comes to the octagon and he says, “look! more oc-gons!”…??!!! Way to go, my little man!


Albeit a smigde pushy/bossy, K has the most precious saying now: “Come on mommy” or “come on daddy” – so sweet! Some instances when this phrase is used:

*While waiting for Zach to come out for lunch on Tuesday.
K: “‘ere’s daddy?” (where’s daddy?)
Me: “He’s still working, bud. He’ll come out in a few minutes…”
K: ::sighing::, “Come on daddy!!”

*After dinner, K has resorted to “dancing his diaper off” – he prances around the kitchen and lets his diaper shimmy to the floor (not really sure how this all started…haha!)
Me: “Start dancing, Keaton!”
K: “Come on mommy!!!! Deence!!!!” (dance!!!!)

*This morning, after breakfast, before Zach left for work, K wanted Zach to build a tower with him
Zach: “OK, I’ll be there in a minute!”
K: “A tower, daddy! Come on! Come on!!!”


B continues to amaze us with his vocabulary, though it’s been in a lull as he’s been focusing more on physical things (running and attempting to jump) πŸ™‚

There are various words/phrases he has the same sound for every time he says them, so we know he’s attempting to say things, such as:

Thank you (“ank” complete with a head nod!)
Please (either “eese” or “puh”)
Drink (“deenk”)
Daddy (“daddy”)
Tree (“tree”)
Shirt (“more ‘southern’, like “shurt”, haha)
I see (sounds exactly like, “I see” but more like one word, “Isee”)
Jump (“jup”)
Down (“down”)
He can moo like a cow, but sounds more like, “meo” πŸ™‚
He signs “more” and “done” (the only two we’ve really shown him/worked with him on)
He’s much better about communicating what he wants. K would grunt. B grunts, but points and pulls you to what he wants.
When we sing “Jesus Love me” he has started joining in on the “Strong” πŸ™‚ (‘tong’)



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  1. Maybe K meant he was done being in his room ‘cos the music was done? LOL! I have no idea. (Even though yes, it was done much earlier in the day.)

  2. Love the idea of the music alarm clock…I’m sure I’ll need to keep that one in mind…love to read your boys’ conversations! πŸ™‚

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