A Cup-a-days


We’ve been building up the upcoming trip home to see the grandparents (Zach’s parents) for Christmas. We had some errands to run this morning and Keaton asked if we were going to see Papa. I reminded him that we would be seeing papa soon, but not today. He asked, “soon?” I replied, “Yes, bud, in a couple of days…On Thursday.” His response: “Oh, a cup-a-days. Got it mom, thanks!” We had this same conversation about 5 times in 40 minute time frame. Well, we get closer to our house and Keaton asks for papa again. I remind him that we won’t be seeing papa today…we make the turn into our drive way and the kiddo goes NUTS, “I WANNNNNNNNA SEE PAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!”

Whew. Watch out Papa. You have a 2.5 year old that is going crazy for you coming on Thursday!!


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