From 4 to 5


We got an early Christmas gift!

We found out last Tuesday that baby Jones #3 will be arriving around the end of August/Beginning of September!!

I’m about 5 weeks along and feeling every bit of it – from the exhaustion, nausea, craving of big fat juicy cheeseburgers covered in mayo, wanting to clean everything in sight and cry at the drop of a hat.


We would love your prayers over this sweet baby (and tired/hormonal/sick mama!)

We are so excited to be welcoming a new addition!

Some bits of info:

*We will not be finding out the gender – why? why not? 🙂 We did find out with both of the boys, but just opted not to this time for the fun of it!

*We’re not “hoping” for a girl (just as we’re not “hoping” for another boy!) We’re praying for a healthy baby and mama once all is said and done.

*We’re not sharing names either (And we’re not trying to play “How mean can we be?” haha!)

*The birth goal is another natural-VBAC with the midwives again at UNC

I think that’s it for now! 🙂


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  1. Yea!!! Congratulations!! It is so fun not knowing. Granted, I thought she was a girl, and we were in the labor and delivery room so long the nurses were telling us she was showing all the signs of being a girl (she was being very difficult), once she was born it was like I knew the whole time :).

  2. Thanks, Whitney! Difficult here apparently means boy, lol. Since I feel the same way I did with the boys so far, of course, we’ve already convinced ourselves of that. I think we’ll be completely shocked either way 🙂

  3. Thanks Carrie! 🙂 I’m afraid we can’t have another Taco Bell date anytime soon — Zach & I stopped there on our way back into town last night…bleh…not good, lol — how’s Sonic sound? lol

  4. Congratulations, Terra! I am so happy for you! I sypathize with how hard it is to be pregnant and have small children. (especially at the beginning and the end)
    I felt the same way as you each time I was pregnant – I didn’t hope for a boy or girl, never mattered. I was amused at how everyone thought I must be hoping and praying for a little girl after two boys! When pregnant with my 4th, it got a little annoying at the comments of how much I must want a girl – and we just MUST have been trying to get a girl this time. (why else would we have a 4th child, right? *snicker- snicker*) Each time, I would smile and say that I would be thrilled if I were to have a 4th boy. I love having boys!!!
    Then after she was born – all the comments – (still annoying) “you finally got your girl!!” At that point, I just smiled and nodded. What else could I do?
    We found out each time. But I knew each time, anyway. I get a feeling pretty early on and I’ve been right each time. Hang in there – and get as much rest as you can!

  5. yay terra and zach!!! so excited for you guys! let me know if you need anything! hope you feel better least as well as you can being pregnant! 🙂 praying for you guys!

  6. YAHOOOOOOOO!!!! I am so happy for you all!! I guess we won’t be playing catch up after all (that wouldn’t leave me much time with a 4mo and all!!) Congratulations to you and your expanding family!!!

  7. Congrats!! Sorry you’ll be pregnant through the hot part of summer again though. I know you weren’t too keen on it with B.

    I’m excited for you!!

  8. Congratulations!
    I did not find out the gender with either of mine. With each I *knew* what it was though. I told people what I thought each was, but that it really didn’t matter, we’d love a boy or girl either way. My pregnancy’s were virtually identical, and so far I’ve had a boy and a girl.

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