Extended Celebrations


And we’re still not done yet!

We headed to Zach’s parents for Christmas and got to stay the whole weekend (Thursday evening – Sunday afternoon). We had a great time with them and the boys loved all the extra attention (and I loved the extra help as the nausea and exhaustion was kicking in!) They originally had about 7inches of snow from the ’09 Blizzard, but most of it was gone by the time we got there (whew!) It allowed Keaton to try out his new Skuut in their driveway and got them some fresh air with out having to really bundle up to keep warm and dry!

Zach’s mom got me a gift certificate to a local bead shop and on Saturday we went and made necklaces (I was really wanting a funky, chunky necklace for Christmas — so how much fun to make my own!) I got to make two, one was turquoise and black and the other was redish/orange beads with a big glass heart on it (bad explanations, haha!) I’ve had so much fun wearing them!

I coordinated purchasing a guitar from some friends for Zach for Christmas — a beautiful guitar at a steal of a price (Thank you again Ross & Kacie!!!) Zach was so surprised and loved it!

This past weekend, Zach’s parents came here to do a bit more Christmas, we exchanged gifts with Zach’s sister & her family, celebrated my birthday and Zach’s dad’s birthday! whew. I’m sure we were QUITE the sight in O’Charley’s on Saturday night passing gifts and cake all around!

Friday night, Zach’s parents watched the boys and we got to head out to my favorite restaurant around (Kanki) for dinner. I stuffed myself with soup, salad, rice, veggies, and chicken. I could seriously eat there every.single.day. It’s so good! We also love going for the atmosphere, not just the entertaining cooking, but talking with others at our table — seems like the nicest people go to Japanese steakhouses! The couple we sat next to were sushi experts and we talked to them about that for a bit and we’re going to take the plunge with some friends from church one night and have a sushi date! I’ve had California Rolls before, but that’s the extent of my sushi eating – it’ll be Zach’s first time, I think he’s excited about it… haha! 🙂

We were supposed to have small group last night (Sunday night), but, a couple of families were going to be absent, so we gathered those who were going to be there and headed to a nearby Mexican restaurant and celebrated my birthday and the new year! It was great to see everyone, as I think it’s been almost two months since we’ve all been together due to holidays, traveling, sick kiddos, etc…

This weekend, my mom will be in with more Christmas and more birthday….whew! Nothing like making the holidays and birthdays stretch a month or so! 🙂


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