Funny conversations about baby


*Zach had installed Windows7 on my laptop, day by day it ran slower and slower and slower….so much so that it would take upwards for 5 minutes to open an email or nearly 10 minutes to update my Facebook status…He installed Linux to see if that would help…:::eyeroll:: of course it did…so we’re up and running again!* 😉

I’ve really been talking up the baby with Keaton since he’ll be much more aware at nearly 3.5 of a new sibling than he was at 16 months! His first response to me telling him there was a baby in mommy’s belly was to eye me like I had lost my mind and say, “That’s silly mommy!” But the past couple of days, he has been coming up to my already semi-enlarged belly and saying, “Hey baby…where are you??” haha, love it! This morning I asked if he remembered what was in mommy’s belly. He quickly started jumping up and down, clapping and screaming, “The baby!! THE BABY!!!” I asked him what the baby’s name should be. He told me Ben-ke – I thought at first he was saying, “Binkie” and I wasn’t really sure where he got that, since he used a paci for all of about 5 days and Benjamin has never had one (so it’s not like he sees one on a daily basis or anything) then I realized he was combining his name and Benjamin’s name 🙂 As cute as that was…baby will not be named Benke, haha 😉

I also asked K if he remembered when B was a baby, he told me he did. I asked him what he remembered. He thought for a moment and smiled and said, “He ate. A lot!” HAHA, yes, my son, you are correct!


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  1. LMBO – you may want to consider it. Chuck and I continuously say if we have another one, it’s name will be “Nikki Jason Matty”…since we run through the list everytime we call one of them.

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