Updates all around


We’ll start with Zach – his classes start back next Thursday. I may cry thinking about it! The nice thing is, they’ve moved praise team practices to only every other week, as opposed to every week, so that’s nice! A bit extra time with the boys.

Me – Feeling all of 8 weeks pregnant today – right now, more exhausted than anything else. Fuzzy brain, waves of nausea, indescribable hunger, but not wanting anything to eat, completely hormonal, on and on and on. I don’t think I blogged about it, but I had my “first” appointment, a phone interview kind of thingy where we went over my history and all. My first real appointment is Feb. 4th where we’ll do blood work, all sorts of “womanly” things, ahem, and listen for that amazing heartbeat! They may or may not do an ultrasound that day.

We (Zach & I) – have gotten sucked into 24, we’re only on season 4, so PLEASE do not spoil any thing for us! 🙂 We started it before Keaton was born (maybe even before I was pregnant, I can’t remember…remember…fuzzy brain, haha!) Anywho, we *had* to finish Alias first and we finally did that, so we picked back up with season 3 at the beginning of Zach’s Christmas break between classes. We are now about halfway through season 4…and totally hooked.

Keaton – is absolutely crazy. We’ve been working a lot on his speech as he has some quirks 🙂 His new favorite phrase is, “Oh, gotcha mom…” when he’s tired of repeating/sounding out things! It’s funny, but kind of tiring to hear all day long 😉 He’s into his picky phase and all food (save french fries…sigh, he is my son…and ketchup…he is Zach’s son too!) is “gross”. Kind of frustrating, but he’s learning he needs to atleast try it before saying something is gross. I admit, I get a kick out of his pausing and then saying, “Mommy, I like it…” yeh, bet you do! :)His imagination is SHINING through! This weekend, he wanted only to “track” monsters with Zach 🙂 They’d go hunting throughout all the rooms looking for “monsters” 🙂

Benjamin – Oh, Benjamin…you deceived us for about 14 months. You were this sweet, shy, cuddly mama’s boy that was so fearful of strangers…now, you are more wild than your brother! Seriously. This kid is crazy! His vocab is awesome, his people skills have much improved (as we sat in a chick-fil-a with my mom, he waved at a lady for 10 minutes before she finally gave him a half-smile!) And speaking of ladies…sigh, he loves them 😉 He loves to run (now that he can keep up with his brother!) and is very, very aggressive. We definitely have some work to do on being “gentle” for when the baby comes!

They (B&K) – play really well together. Of course, there is bickering, but they LOVE making up games and playing them together (whatever those “games” are, haha…mostly, chasing and laughing and singing very loudly and rolling on the floor!)

And above all, we are all staying healthy (yay!)!! It’s been a MUCH better winter than last! And we are so very thankful for that!


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  1. hey terra! i was wondering what kind of speech quirks you are seeing with keaton? auri’s got a few of her own that aren’t really worrying me at this point but i was curious if they share some of the same things which might make it an age thing.

    i’m still so excited that you’re pregnant again! 🙂

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