The following takes place between…


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this portion of our lives.

Our addiction.

Jack “What Ever It Takes” Bauer has taken over our lives.

We started 24 a way long time ago — I can’t remember if it was before we got pregnant with Keaton or while I was pregnant with him. We did Seasons 1 and 2 in the span of…a few weeks. But we had started Alias already and HAD to finish that. Well that took…about 3 years 😉 Cut us some slack — babies, school, work…it’s a busy household!

Well, we finally finished Alias this fall. We started on season 3 of 24 at the beginning of Zach’s Christmas break…needless to say, we’ll be starting Season 5 tomorrow (Sunday) night…For the record, we snagged Season 4 from our small group leaders on my birthday, Jan. 3rd, I believe we started the next night…that took approximately 19 days to do a season of 24 episodes. We skipped some nights (NOT many!) Some nights we only did 1 episode, but most nights we did 2.

I’m certain that I am more addicted to it than Zach is, however he completely enjoys it as well. It’s nice to see someone have a really crummy bad day (shoot, all this mess happens in an HOUR!) when I’ve had a rough day!

Season 6 will have to wait til summer, as by the time we finish Season 5, Zach will be well into the semester (and I don’t think I can go 2-3 days between episodes, haha!)

I heard sad rumors that this current season (8) is it for Jack & CTU, and that they may do a movie to wrap up everything…but it makes sense…I mean, bad guys can only do SO many things…and Jack can only torture people in SO many ways….



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  1. LOL! We are like that with CSI. I swore I wouldn’t watch it anymore after Grissom left…but…then I watched a few of the newer ones and they sucked me back in…..we go through seasons in a matter of days, lol!

  2. We love 24 too. Season 5 is outstanding. (the best, I think) We watched them on DVD too. It’s definitely the best that way. It’s hard to wait a whole week between episodes!

  3. Oh how we love 24! With all these snow days, we were able to watch Season 3! I’ve watched the seasons basically very randomly. I watched the last bit of season 6 and got hooked, then watched season 7 and then season 1 and now just watched season 3 and of course we’re watching season 8 right now. So very out of order, but we’re thinking we may go in order from now on starting with season 4. 🙂

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