Well, we had a good run!


We have seriously had a great winter, health wise. I’ve been so thankful this winter has been NOTHING like last winter (where colds started in August and lasted til…May…yeh, none of that. ever. again. please.)

We’ve had some snotty days, some coughy days. But nothing lasting more than a day or two and nothing that has made me worry much about my guys. Keaton needed a couple nebulizer treatments in the fall (I’m starting to think that is his hard time of year…maybe spring too…we’ll see…)

Sure enough, Benjamin woke up yesterday (Monday) super congested. He even had a couple nosebleeds throughout the day (I get them while pregnant, but something tells me this isn’t why he’s having them) 😉

Today was even worse. He did take a decent morning nap (yes, I realize how lucky I am that at nearly 18 months he STILL takes a morning nap…he loves his mama, that’s why, ha!) 😉 But afternoon nap was a bust. He ended up napping on my very full bladder me for about 2 hours…A very restless two hours. But he slept.

We put him down about 30 minutes ago for bedtime and it’s pretty hit or miss (turning more into hit!) so that’s a good sign.

His cough is very croupy – so I’m just thankful it’s winter and the air is cold and if need be, we can take him out in that cold air to open up his lungs.

Keaton was…weird today. As in, he’d act sick, then act fine. Sound stuffy, then sound normal. His colds usually show Wednesday (and there was a hacking kid in his class on Sunday, so I can only imagine…) so we’ll see what tomorrow holds!

Me – I feel like I’m catching something, but it could be 1) paranoia or 2) exhaustion (I refuse to give in just yet to 3) that I really am catching something)

Pray that we all (esp. Zach) avoids it! Someone has to remain well!


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