A Houdini of Sorts


Time for a Benjamin update. First off, Keaton never did this…maybe once, but never again. This is about the 15th time I’ve discovered Benjamin this way — and the 2nd time today, sigh.

(sorry it’s small, it was taken with my phone…I seriously don’t get wordpress and pictures…haha)

Anywho – if you can’t tell, he has no clothes on…he’s apparently our little semi-nudist stripping during nap time!

Speaking of naps, so thankful, he still takes two a day, although the morning nap is hit or miss – most days still hit šŸ™‚

He loves repeating everything we say (whether or not it is intelligible is another story) and he jabbers all day long.

He is still snuggly and could cuddle all day.

His appetite is unbelievable! Never have I seen a toddler eat like him – I love it (except I usually run out of things to give him!)

He loves pictures of cats (as did Keaton at this age!)

He is definitely his mama’s boy, but loves his daddy just as much. When one of us has been out of sight for some time and enters the room, he runs to you, reaching and saying, “I want you! I want you!” (fyi: I love this, hahaha!)

He’s wearing 2T & some 3T clothing…and the shoes Keaton outgrew just a couple months ago! (so I guess a size 6, since K is a 7…I think, ha)

He too loves helping me out (when he feels like it) šŸ˜‰ His favorite way to help is pushing clothes in the dryer (followed by closing doors!) šŸ™‚

He enjoys trying to do “puh-yels” (puzzles) but loves playing soccer.

He also enjoys pretending to make food (with cups & blocks) šŸ™‚

He also loves being as rough as he can with Keaton (and usually makes K cry) šŸ˜‰

Again, I know I’m forgetting a thousand things šŸ™‚

So crazy that on Monday, my lil chunker will be 18 months!


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