Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! (The post where I talk about many things, including the bodily functions of my nearly 3 year old) ;-)


Well, what a week it has been and it’s only Wednesday!

We had planned to move the boys in the same room together next week while Zach was on Spring Break, as well as B into a ‘big boy bed’*. Well, we were waiting for a local kids’ consignment sale before buying a bed…then we realized that the sale was AFTER Zach’s break. So, I found a STEAL** on Craigslist – the bed came assembled — AND the guy would deliver it! So, we made arrangements for him to deliver the bed Tuesday evening.

Tuesday afternoon,  I moved K’s room around to make room for the new bed. The boys were excited! K would lay on his bed and tell B to lay on the empty spot and go to sleep (which he would comply by acting like he was sleeping…bossy much?! haha) The bed came and the boys went nuts! We delayed bedtime allowing them to goof of and get the crazies out. Zach calmed them with bedtime and Bible stories…

And then, much screaming followed.



Much screaming.

It started out just B screaming due to a new bed, new room, new blanket, new pillow, new everything! But then, sweet, caring, loving, older brother, K, started screaming because B was crying (yes, his exact words were, “Mommy, I’m scared a Ben’s scared…fix it…” hahaha!) Sweet boy.

We Zach finally got them settled and the rest of the evening went a bit better…til about 515am…but that’s another story 😉

Back up to Monday night after dinner. I had cleaned up K and was waiting on B to finish (like always, teehee) K looks at me and screams, “POTTY MOMMY!!! NOW!” and takes off running. Lately the only potty talk has been that of Ding (his sock monkey) needing to potty. I was hesitant to agree to letting him use the potty, but decided to go with it. Not only did he go – he ‘earned’*** a fire truck!

We decided to let him take the lead on this (as we have from the start, not pressing him/forcing him to go, knowing that one day he’d just get it and take off with it) and if he asked to go, we’d take him. I am mentally ready (and more than ready to be done lifting one 30lb kid multiple times a day to change their diaper! ha!) but ‘physically’ (energy wise/’morning’ sickness wise) not quite there yet. So, we’re doing things a tad unconventional (but, what have we ever done that IS conventional?! ha!) He’s still in diapers all day (probably will change that this weekend, even though at dinner last night, he was in undies and he asked to go – and WENT!!) But, whenever he goes to the potty, his diaper is nearly dry – great sign! I’m pretty lax (ie: totally lazy) about asking him if he needs to go but he is great about telling me! So glad we’re doing this the easy way!!!

*I SO wanted another IKEA bed like K has, but, they don’t make that style anymore, and apparently no one in Wake county, NC has that style of bed for free or sale. I didn’t want to get a “toddler” bed, but, sometimes, you just need a BED!

**Let it be known that it was only a semi-steal, as the next day, after I had agreed to purchase the Craigslist bed, someone GAVE AWAY the same bed on Freecycle, but I responded within a minute of seeing the ad come through e-mail and I was #32 on this list — should 31 other people decide not to come get a nearly-new-FREE-toddle bed.

***We resorted to bribery a while back when K was scared to even go NEAR the potty – an M&M for going..#1 😉 and a hot wheels fire truck for…bigger jobs, ahem 😉


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