An all encompassing update!


Here is (basically) the email I sent my mom and in-laws after my 14 week appt. this morning —

The appt. went great!! (The boys were perfect and flirted with every mama in the waiting room, hahaha!)

Not included in the email. I met a new (to-me) midwife and she was super encouraging…not my favorite. My favorite is long-gone! But, she came in, introduced herself and said, “So, baby #1, c-section after reaching completion (fully dilated/effaced) and pushing, only to find out he was in a poor position with a  short cord…correct? (correct) #2, perfect, beautiful VBAC…how about come August we add another perfect, beautiful VBAC to the list, sound good? (SOUNDS GREAT!)

Baby sounds great (I’ve been feeling “flutters” for about a week and I was curious as to where baby would really be — turns out baby is right where I was feeling movement!) I asked my midwife if I was crazy for thinking I was feeling baby, but she said after a baby or two, you figure it out sooner so it most likely was!

Heart rate is strong at 150 (She giggled and said, “Maybe a girl?” And then looked at Benjamin & Keaton’s chart and realized they both had the supposed “girl heart rates” too (Old Wives Tale that high heart rates are girls and lower are boys…both were in “girl” range)

Got our ultrasound scheduled for April 1st at 9am (we are NOT finding out — unless there is something wrong, then we will, but, other than that — holding strong!)

BEDROOM SHARING news – it’s awful. haha! The boys just play and play and play and then crash and sleep from 3-5pm and then don’t want to go to bed at 630/7pm and then play and play and play til 8 or 9…a disaster. Yesterday, they cleaned out the dresser drawers and put it all on B’s bed…and then later, K started climbing the dresser and jumping off (something he has never done) — and that wasn’t the last time I caught him doing it either. Other sleep-stalling tactics include, banging on windows, doors/wall, playing with the lights, wrestling and, B’s favorite, playing with messes inside his diaper.

POTTY news – Keaton is doing GREAT (And now Benjamin is asking to go — I’m thinking of setting up a tv in the bathroom and just watching movies all day while they take turns!) I wasn’t ready to take K in undies today, esp. since it was just me and I KNEW he’d 1) need to go or 2) have an accident while I was on the table during my appt. But we got home and he was totally dry (730am-1130am!) I was super proud!

That’s the latest!


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