Potty Trained – check (for the most part…) :)


K is pretty much done!

That was way too easy. ha!

We had a rough day on Sunday, but I was encouraged by many friends to just blame it on the time change, and I think I can, because not an accident since.

He’s in underwear for naps and nighttime (not at ALL something we were planning on doing so soon!) We would ask him each night what he wanted to wear and one night (after a couple nights of waking up dry) he said his “dinosaurs” and so, we did it…and it was great!

He’s still going on the “little” potty, but I’m trying to get him, once a day, to go on the big potty in hopes of overcoming that fear!

Keaton is a rock star pottier and we are SUPER proud of him!

And again, SO glad we waited til he was ready! I will say that for the REST of my life.

On the other hand. Benjamin is asking to go all the time now, in the sweetest voice, “Pa-ee mama!” He hasn’t ‘done’ anything as of late, but he loves just sitting there 😉

We have a crazy April coming up, so I’ll probably just continue to take him when ever he asks and if, after April, he’s still interested, go in for the kill work on him, but only if HE is showing me he wants to. I’ve learned my lesson 🙂 And I’m totally fine w/ him being in diapers for a while longer, it’s WAY easier!!


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