Updates on us!


KEATON – Well, as you read yesterday, is pretty proficient on the potty (ahhh, alliteration!) 😉 The room-sharing is going a bit better, not 100% perfect yet, but I’m SO thankful we’re sticking it out and they are (slowly but surely) learning what exactly we expect of them during nap/bed time! K is getting ready to move up to the 3 year olds class at church. Ah! I can’t believe that in approximately 3 weeks, I’ll have a 3 year old! He LOVES going to his Sunday School class and playing with his friends! He talks the whole way home about the stories they read/songs they sing/etc… So thankful for a church who has a plethora of people who love to love on our kiddos!

BENJAMIN – Is talking up a storm! At this point with Keaton, I was insanely worried. Benjamin asked me this morning, “Mama…where ball go?” — and if you heard it, you would have melted just as I had (think, “Ma muh…’ere balll goooooo?” sigh) 🙂 Oh and how he puckers out his likes with certain words, ha! LOVE it! He has perfected the “18 month old melt down tantrum” — I remember Keaton starting it around this age…where he just goes limp so you can’t make him stand to do something. Of course, Keaton would usually only do it at the doctor or chiro’s office…in front of other people. Thankfully, Benjamin has kept this at home, (for now!) HA!

ZACH – Still chugging away with classes and work. He’s working on mid-term exams now (MID term! yay! Summer is SO close!)

ME – Approximately 16 weeks pregnant. Nausea is pretty much gone, except if I eat too late in the evening. Energy is slowly returning! And I would say I’m in full nesting force. I want to paint everything, sew everything, clean everything, organize everything…except I need an extra 4 pair of hands to get anything done (and hopefully those hands aren’t as clumsy as mine!) I’m hearing everyone tell me I’m having a girl because I had the same cravings as they did with their girls…which is absolutely hysterical, because I’m wanting the exact same things I did with both the boys. 😉 I try to kindly smile and say, “Well, I suppose we’ll see come August or September please be September!” and try to resist the urge for another Whopper w/ most all the fixin’s…just sayin’.

BABY – LOVES jelly beans Is moving like a wild thing! 😉 I’m feeling Baby pretty consistently (I’ve had off & on flutters for a couple weeks now) now, especially mid-day and early evening.

WE – are gearing up for a yard sale in April, making room for #3 and trying to stay sane! 🙂 We’ll have some exciting news to announce on March 29th, so stay tuned!! (Our ultrasound is April 1st, so it’s NOT a gender announcement…as that is STAYING a surprise!!) 😉


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  1. Benjamin sounds like he’s a talking fool! Frank can say 6 word sentences…if he’s repeating us word for word. he JUST started using 2 word combos with some sort of consistency….Love you, Daddy go, Help please. He’ll start sentences…He’ll say I love or I want but then you have to ask him who he loves or what he wants and he doesn’t always know the word for what he wants so he just furrows his brow and says I want again. We are in awe of Benjamin’s mad verbal skills.

  2. He is a talking fool – in comparison to his brother. I’m hoping he rubs off on his big brother 😉

    I love your description of Frank furrowing his brow – so cute 🙂

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