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On April 24th, Zach, Keaton, Benjamin and I will be participating in Pregnancy Support Services of Wake Forests’ 2010 Walk for Life (try saying that 3 times fast…whew!) (this event will hereby be referred to as “The Walk” and Pregnancy Support Services of Wake Forest will hereby be referred to as PSSWF) 😉

Anywho! I am so excited to be able to participate in The Walk this year! I’ve wanted to participate since we moved here and found out what a great organization PSSWF is, but we just….haven’t! (WHAT a lousy excuse, huh?)

PSSWF is a non-profit organization in Wake Forest, NC that provides assistance and support to those facing unplanned pregnancies in and around Wake Forest. They also provide emotional support and counseling to those who have faced difficult decisions with past pregnancies. All services offered by PSSWF are completely free and confidential.

Specific services provided by PSSWF include:

  • Pregnancy Tests and Ultrasounds
    • Pregnancy diagnosis through pregnancy testing and ultrasound
    • Pregnancy verification
    • Confirmation of gestational age and fetal development
    • Accurate information and literature on all pregnancy options and problem solving sessions to overcome obstables
  • Care & Share Programs
    • Weekly meetings with a caring mentor who offers emotional, spiritual, and material support
    • Hands-on training for parenting and life skills including Baby Care, Post-Partum Depression, Maternal Care, Car Seat Safety, and Choosing a Pediatrician and Daycare
    • Participate in Group Classes: Labor and Delivery, Parenting Well, Financial Success
    • Opportunity to earn baby items necessary for the baby’s first year and maternity clothes (baby clothes, diapers, strollers, cribs, car seats, etc.)
    • Provide community resource connections and referrals
  • Post-Abortion Peer Counseling
    • Non-judgmental counseling for women who have experienced an abortion and for other family members affected by abortion
    • Help in dealing with the pain of past choices
  • Service of Hope
    • Friday night before Mother’s Day
    • Community wide service for families who have experienced a pregnancy loss through abortion, miscarriage, still birth or early infant deaths
  • Education Programs
    • Provide speakers and educational workshops and presentations for churches, organizations and groups
      • Topics include Sexual Abstinence, Sexual Purity, Adoption, Post-Abortion Counseling, and Unplanned Pregnancy or Abortion
    • Full library of literature, books, and videos on pregnancy, parenting, and abortion recovery
    • Provide educational brochures/literature to individuals, groups, churches and organizations

Future plans for PSSWF include:

  • an RV Mobile Unit that will go outside of our immediate area to provide pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to those who can not make it to the office of PSSWF
  • making ultrasounds available during every hour PSSWF is open
  • increasing community awareness of the support and services that PSSWF offers

We had the opportunity to receive an ultrasound through PSSWF while pregnant with Benjamin. As they were training their nurses to use the ultrasound machine, they offered free ultrasounds to those in the community for practice. Zach wasn’t able to make it to that ultrasound, and while they don’t normally make note of gender at PSSWF, the nurse in charge placed an ultrasound picture in an envelope for us to open that night at Small Group. How fun it was to find out the gender of our baby with a room full of our closest friends and announced by an incredible friend! The staff was great, caring, easy to talk with, and loved playing with Keaton!

By giving…

  • YOU will provide at least 350 women with crisis intervention services: pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and nurse consultation.
    • Of the women walking through the doors “undecided” about their pregnancy…75% will likely choose life!
    • Of the women walking through the doors “decided on having an abortion“…40% will likely choose life!
  • YOU will provide at least 1,000 lifechanging mentor hours in our Next Steps program empowering these parents to have healthy pregnancies, learn parenting skills, learn how to manage their money, and how to have healthier relationships. YOU will allow them all to see and to hear the gospel!
  • YOU will provide dozens of women and/or men with post-abortion healing and by doing that you will impact their relationships with their friends, families, and you will free them to mature even more in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • YOU will provide around $5,000 of benevolence support to our clients in need with direct payments to utilities, car repairs, groceries, and medical bills.

Back to The Walk –  we will be walking approximately 2 miles, rain or shine, on April 24th with many other folks from the community to raise support and awareness for PSSWF. I write all this to ask you to support me as I walk for this great organization! If you have any questions regarding this ministry, please do not hesitate to contact me.

IMPORTANT: to make an online donation go to and choose the “donate now” options. Please be sure to put your walker’s name in the comments section (Terra Jones) so we can be sure to apply it to the walker’s goal. Sorry for this inconvenience, our registration/webpage provider has experienced a technical difficulty with their online donation option.

Thank you so much for reading all this and considering giving to this amazing ministry!


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