Lots of things to catch up on


Well, this is going to be in list form:

  • Had my 19ish/20ish (whateverish) week appt w/ my midwife last Friday morning. It was the midwife that was on call for B’s birth, but wasn’t AT his birth thanks to another mom who was pushing before me 😉 We had a great conversation re: what I’m wanting in labor (we found out that our doula is moving in May! She is still planning on coming back for the birth, but, she’s trying to convince me I’m going to go fast this time! We have another friend who will be there as well – so thankful for two awesome women to share in this special day! So anywho, we’re planning ahead (way ahead)) and talked a bit about the cord issue with Baby and how that would affect our hospital stay (if at all).
  • We switched pediatrician’s for the boys (for a thousand reasons that I won’t get into right now) and had our first appt. with her yesterday morning. She is AWESOME and the boys LOVE her (Keaton asked all this morning to go back and see her!) She was super encouraging and great on so many levels!
  • I got my hair cut again last night and it feels and looks great! I can spend no time and it looks fine, or (if I had a rolly brush) spend 10 minutes and make it look great (I’m hoping to get a rolly brush this weekend) 😉
  • Benjamin has allergies or a cold or sinus crud or something. It started innocently as a cough last week when we were experiencing the PollenPocalypse, but he’s gotten a bit worse over the course of the week.
  • Our yard sale went great (ok, really well) We got rid of a lot of stuff (either via selling or Goodwill) and that was the big goal 😉 We split the earnings and sponsored each other for the Walk for Life that we are participating in next weekend.
  • Speaking of next weekend, it’s going to be CRAZY! We have the Walk in the morning, and then Keaton’s party in the afternoon, surrounded by family all weekend! So excited!
  • Speaking of the Walk (teehee), I’m $85 away from my goal – I would LOVE to surpass my goal, but I can’t do that without YOUR help (yes, YOU!) Even if you can only give $1 – that would get me $1 closer to $150! (don’t forget, due to technical issues, you need to visit THIS SITE and click on “Click Here to Sponsor a Walker with an Online Donation”. Once you do that, fill in the appropriate information and, under SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS, type in my name, Terra Jones.) Thank YOU so much (in advance!) for giving to such an awesome organization!!
  • I’m feeling baby move all.the.time. (for my records, haha, I started feeling Baby about 13 or 14 weeks – depending if you go by actually weeks or where baby is “measuring”) And those on the “outside” can feel Baby too (around 18 or so weeks — if you’re quick – we have stubborn babies) 😉 And apparently we have movers and shakers – This is #3 that can rouse me from deep sleep just from moving around!

I feel like there are a thousand things I’ve left out…B wants his hourly snuggle, so this is it for now! 🙂


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  1. Good update! Glad you are doing well. I am going to now search FB for a pic of your new haircut. You have posted one, right? 🙂
    Take care of yourself, mama!

    • I did post on FB! I’m still learning the ropes of my new laptop (I’m Mac-Challenged, haha!) It’s not a great picture, but there is one! 😉

  2. Yeah…baby #3 was definitely SO much more active than my 1st too as well. 🙂 I’m glad all is looking good though…it’s so fun when you start to feel baby moving! That’s my fav. part of pregnancy…besides the end result! haha

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