Another catch-up list


I can’t think straight to make a sensible post lately, (nor can I find the energy!) so a list is what you get!

  • The Walk for Life was AMAZING! PSSWF raised $111,000!!! Thank you again to all those who sponsored (not only me, but SOME one who was walking!)
  • We had Keaton’s 3rd birthday party. This poor child. His first birthday, we had a park – it was cold and drizzly. His second birthday, we tacked it on to our moving day. His third birthday, we had a slew of people coming…his brother decides to spend the 24 hours prior to the party puking…sigh. Family still celebrated with us and he had SO much fun (he had NO idea so many of his friends from church were supposed to be there!)
  • Keaton starts soccer this weekend! So excited (for him to burn off some energy)
  • I met with my doulas last weekend to go over birthy things. So excited for this birth 🙂 ((ok and to figure out who is in there making my stomach jump all over the place!)

And that’s about that. We’re gearing up for a quick trip to VA soon and the end of another semester! (I get WAY too excited for classes to be over for a couple months!)

I will have pictures from Keaton’s party soon… I promise!


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