Mother’s Day weekend and baby update!


I feel like we’ve been doing nothing but go-go-going for a couple weeks! Hopefully, with Zach’s semester winding down, I won’t feel like we’re spinning in circles πŸ™‚

We headed to VA for the weekend to see family. We spent Friday by the pool at Zach’s parents (ok, he & his dad ‘opened’ the pool…his mom planted flowers with the boys and I…relaxed by said pool) πŸ˜‰ On Saturday, we drove up to Roanoke to see Great-Grandma Connie. We had lunch at the best.ever restaurant (SERIOUSLY, Macado’s, if you’re reading this — we need you in Raleigh!!!) – we miss Macado’s SO much, and I always crave it while pregnant – conveniently πŸ˜‰ We had lunch with my mom and a sweet family friend who we always miss terribly! So great to catch up! Sunday was church, then packing up and heading back home!


Then, I had my appt. with my midwife this morning. Baby is doing great (I’m measuring two weeks ahead, ha). We talked a little bit more about the cord issue and how, if at all, it would affect labor and my plans for a VBAC. The boys did great, and then we headed back home! I go back at the end of the month for my repeat ultrasound to recheck baby’s growth and then beginning of next month for my glucose test. This pregnancy is really flying by! Crazy.


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  1. Can you tell me more about what your midwife thought about if/how the cord issue will affect labor and VBAC? Been praying about this specifically!

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