Some things I must remember


This is one of those posts just so I can look back in 4 months…a year…whatever and have a good laugh 🙂

  1. Keaton has been taking soccer classes and he LOVES it (though, he’s pretty much the one, where the rest of the class is seated around the coach and he’s at the other end of the field spinning in circles…but he LOVES it!) However, I think it’s going to his head. Yesterday, he was kicking a ball around the living room, no more than a couple inches in front of himself, but with every kick, “GREAT GOAL, KEATON!!!! GREAT GOAL, KEATON!!!!” …for about 10 minutes. I let it go on that long because I was laughing so hard – then I set up a goal for him 😉
  2. I’m addicted to Freecycle (seriously, if you haven’t joined your local freecycle – do it!) Well, not too much is given away on our side of town (that we need/want), but yesterday, I scored big time. Less than a mile away, a lady had a wooden kitchen set (that needed a bit of TLC in the form of glue) I got there, it’s blue (NOT PINK!!!! YEH) and OH so cute!!! It’s small, but, we don’t have a lot of room. Well, I parked so the boys couldn’t see it, got it in the back of the van and headed home. Once they were down for naps, I set it up in the kitchen. They woke up and seriously for about 15 minutes, all I heard from the boys was, “Thank you, mama! Oh, I’m so excited! Thank you thank you thank you!” Hysterical! As Zach would say, “Atleast they’re appreciative!” (And they really are!)
  3. I don’t typically have really weird dreams while pregnant. With Keaton, I remember one where I looked down and my stomach was like a window and I could see Keaton swimming laps. I don’t really remember any with Benjamin. This time, the weirdest is that about 8 or 9 times, I’ve had the same dream that this baby is a boy and weighs 9lbs2oz and is 22inches long — every.single.time. Well, last night trumped the 9 pounder! I had my baby, it was a boy and he was massive (I’m talking, weighed as much as the boys do and was just as tall — HUGE kid…for a newborn) 😉 Well, my midwife went to weigh him and as soon as they laid him down, he turned into a pelican and walked away! Soooo weird.

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