Follow-Up Ultrasound


We had our follow-up ultrasound yesterday morning (and I REALLY hope to get pictures up today!) to re-check the baby’s growth, as well as measurements from major organs.

I am thrilled to say that baby looks great!

The tech spent a ton of time checking out all the organs and was by far the BEST tech I think we’ve ever had. She gladly went in to detail about everything she was seeing and did her best to try to get baby to move its arm (that it was determined to keep in front of its face!) She got some decent 3D pictures (despite the arm!) as well.

She deemed the heart, “beautiful” and let me just sit and watch those 4 amazing chambers pump away!

Kidneys and bladder are both a perfect size (my midwife has continually mentioned that after baby arrives, we will be making sure s/he is peeing enough and these organs are working like they should).

The tech determined baby to be about 2.5lbs at this point (I’m not a firm believer in ultrasound measurements when it comes to weight and whatnot) and said this was “a normal size”. I just looked up weights of baby at 26 weeks and got anything from “1.7lbs” to “2lbs”….2.5lbs is normal..ha! Big babies 🙂 Love em! 🙂

Anywho, we didn’t even have to meet with the OB this time (we’re assuming that was a good thing!) and will have my regular appt in a couple weeks, including glucose and iron testing.


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