Melt My Heart.


I won’t lie – most days at our house are slightly chaotic, very physical (lots of wrestling!) and much screaming. More afternoons than not, I’d like to run away for at least 20 minutes (you know, drive to DQ, get the most chocolately thing they have and eat it in my car. Alone.)

But then, something happens, as it did this morning and I can’t imagine not being a mama…

The boys we’re “walking to the park to see Papa” (imaginations are on overdrive in our house!) 🙂 They walked out of the living room, hand in hand. I hear them in Keaton’s room, “HEY Papa!! Let’s Play! OK, Bye Papa!” The boys come walking in the living room with their arms around each other (ok, so Keaton was trying to drag Benjamin…ha) and Keaton looks me square in the eye and says, “Mama, Ben is my best friend. I love him.”

This hormonal mama just started bawling 😉

agh, I wish I had been able to capture that moment on video…

Let’s see if in 10 years they feel the same 😉


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