Monkey See, Monkey Do


These boys are absolutely hysterical!

The other day at dinner, I commented that it was like we lived in a cave or something with a really good echo – whatever one does, the other is sure to follow!

And not just vocally either — little mirrors! They just think the other is absolutely the funniest thing to walk the planet and they must get in on the silly action too!


Keaton was down for the count with some crud this weekend. Luckily, Benjamin could tell when K was at his worst and when a little joking around could be had. Whenever Keaton coughed, Benjamin would echo. But in true class-clown style, not just any cough. B would double over and give his best fake cough…and then shoot me a huge grin and say, “I ok, mama!”

Keaton was goofing off at dinner, waving his arms around and making silly noises. Benjamin looked at him, then he was goofing off at dinner, waving his arms around and making silly noises. Sigh. 😉

We were laying on the floor reading books yesterday and Keaton decided he was done. Benjamin was on one side of me and Keaton on the other. Benjamin felt it necessary to tap my head and say, “Boop.” Next thing I know they are taking turns tapping and “booping” me…for about 10 minutes 😉

This morning at breakfast, Keaton finished his oatmeal and asked for more. Benjamin, who had just moments before arrived at the table and only taken a couple bites of his oatmeal, looked at his bowl and started screaming for more – only because he thought Keaton was going to get more.

Whenever Keaton goes potty, Benjamin declares that he has to go too (not that he does anything when we put him on the potty), but the conversation usually sounds like this:

Keaton, “Mama, I gotta go potty…”
Me, “OK, bud, you know what to do. Go for it.”
Benjamin, “NOOOOOOO I go potty!!!!!!!”

(this is typically followed with:

Me, “Do you need a diaper change, Benjamin?”
Benjamin, “Nooo, (with his hands up in the air, signifying that he’s done) I went!”

…..OK, then… 😉

Never a dull moment around here!


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