Online Scentsy Party!


*I emailed this to friends and family last week. If you’ve never tried Scentsy, now’s a great chance to do that. And if you have, well, now’s a chance to stock up on those delicious scents!!

I am doing an online party for Scentsy – if you haven’t smelled their fragrances, you are missing out! I honestly had not until last week and I am in love! We have a sugar cookie hanging freshener in our van and it smells so delicious! The whole way to church, Benjamin was screaming, “I want to eat that!!!!” (and it’s really a shame that we can’t, it smells THAT good!) We also have a Camu Camu travel tin in our living room – it is so fresh smelling!

I have my eye on the Cherry Blossom warmer! The neat thing about the warmers is that they use a light bulb to heat the wax, which melts – no flames or soot – GREAT for those with small children and/or pets! Once you have a warmer (either full-size or mid-size), you can use any of the wax scents (bars or 1lb bricks!) in it (instructions for warmers are found here).

Some neat things to keep in mind:
*Just for July 2010, “Bring Back My Bar“! If you have used Scentsy before and had a favorite fragrance they discontinued, 20 fragrances are returning and now is your chance to stock up!
*Combine and Save options – Buy more and SAVE! (Think Christmas and birthday gifts!)
*Here is the June Monthly Special (July will be listed soon!)

To order, please go HERE and make sure to click on “Select Market” in the top right hand corner (change from Canada to USA, assuming you are in the US). Browse around (you can see an online catalog HERE). Under “My Open Parties” (on the left hand side) click on  “Buy From Party” next to my name (Terra Jones). The show will be open through July 21st. (Please make sure to click on Buy From Party before placing an order – that is the only way I will get credit! THANK YOU!)

Thank you for taking the time to browse her catalog! Please let me know if you have any questions!


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