I was pegged…


For Zach’s 30th birthday, the family all pitched in and got him (us) tickets to see Star Wars in Concert. Well that big event was this past weekend.

When I was purchasing the tickets online, I just put in “Best Seats Available” and took what they suggested. Well, we probably did have some of the best seats available, the best part, we were on the end of the row. First, I’m incredibly claustrophobic and HATE being in the center of the rows, but also at approximately 34 weeks pregnant, I need easy access to the isles to go potty 😉 Yes, we had to stand up 18,000 times to let other people out of the row, but totally worth it!

When we arrived, the usher cautioned me about the stairs (they were very steep), informing me, “They’re not like the steps at your home…” Right, if I had those stairs, I’d move. Seriously.

Upon returning from potty break #1, another usher whispered, “Let me know if I need to start boiling some water…”


On my way to break #2, I was told to take it easy by usher#2…well, if your snack bar hadn’t enticed me with popcorn and a Sunkist, I wouldn’t have to go again, but here I am 😉

On my way to break #3, there was a doctor from the local hospital (I know they’re staffed for emergency situations as I have always seen them at events). He even stopped me and asked if I was doing OK…

At this point, I was wondering if I was the only pregnant woman in the building (although, I did see one other…not sure if she was getting the “special treatment” or not…)

Break #4 consisted of usher#2 using his flashlight to light up the stairs for me (even though I could see perfectly fine).

Break #5 – There were now two doctors from the local hospital, informing me that they would both be there for the remainder of the performance…

How awful did I look on Sunday to warrant this?! I mean, I was tired, swollen, sweating and hugely pregnant, but seriously!

Break #6 – usher#2 started to walk down the stairs to me with an outstretched hand – I stopped him and told him I was fine!

While I really did enjoy the show, I was never so glad to be gone from a place! Wow.

Atleast I know if I had gone into labor, I had a huge support team!

….and boiling water 🙂


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