36 weeks (and a day…or so) :)


Well, I was dreading this appointment since my appointment last week. I just knew my BP was going to be high again – I could feel it, however, I knew stressing over it wasn’t helping either!

I was holding my breath from the time we got there til she put the BP cuff on me. I tried SO hard not to watch the numbers, but I couldn’t help it…It just kept beeping away…

It was worse than Biggest Loser weigh-ins.


It finally did the “I’m done” beep and I looked and there it was…

My normal blood pressure.

I teared up.

Seriously 😉

My midwife was very happy with the BP. Baby is sounding great, however, baby is posterior…I mean, why not? Its siblings have been all over the place in the final weeks, s/he just had to get in on that “Drive mommy crazy til the last minute” action too!

She gave me a pop quiz on when to call – come on lady – it’s 830am and I’ve had no caffeine. That’s why you gave me a HUGE folder at my first visit — so I wouldn’t have to remember these things! But I got 3 out of 4 right (forgot that if baby wasn’t moving, I should call…forgot…because this kid never stops moving, ha!) I seriously panic if I’m awake and haven’t felt movement in about 10 minutes…it’s that crazy ‘in there’.

She gave me the OK to leave “couch rest” behind, but ordered me to continue to take it easy…I’m trying so hard. Nesting hit about 2.5 weeks ago when I put myself on couch rest, so I’m trying as hard as I can not to do EVERY.LITTLE.THING. today!

She was great about all my birth plan wants/don’t wants, albeit a little too ‘relaxed’ for my liking regarding the 2-vessel cord – she compared it to having only one kidney…eh, it’s been made known to me that it’s a bit more serious than that, but whatever.

We were in and out in about 10 minutes.

She told me I could skip my next appt and come back in 2 weeks if I wanted…I’ll be calling to cancel next my appointment for next Tuesday, thankyouverymuch – 1/4 tank of gas saved 🙂

In other news (because other things do happen in our house!) 😉

  • We are gearing up for B’s 2nd birthday party this weekend (just a hint: it’ll involve THIS lil guy!!) Even though his birthday isn’t until the 15th, everyone will be in town this weekend, since Zach is leading worship at church on Sunday and well, we don’t want to take any chances 😉
  • We had our pictures done last Saturday. Kaitlin was so great to work with! I’m beyond giddy that we took advantage of a special she was running and we’ll also be getting newborn pictures, 6 month pictures and 1 year pictures of this little one, too! (And they say the 3rd kid gets the shaft!) I can’t WAIT to see our maternity pictures! We had so much fun – well, I did! Benjamin was a stinker and went into his “NO!” phase (I mean, he is almost 2, so it was only appropriate…sigh). Keaton was fairly obedient. Zach did good too 😉 I regretted not doing pictures while pregnant with Benjamin (we did do them with Keaton) and so this was mainly for my sake. Ok, no more talking about them til I see them, it’ll drive me crazy 🙂
  • I had a SUPER sweet surprise on Sunday evening. Unbeknownst to me, Zach had been scheming with the ladies in our small group to plan a baby shower for me. His jobs were to provide gift ideas and to get me out of the house…As soon as he told me I *had* to go somewhere, I knew something was up, but it was still such a sweet surprise and a wonderful time. Since we have most everything we need for baby (save girl clothes if it’s a girl) he gave great ideas about things *I* wanted/could use (ie: Starbucks gift cards!) Those ladies and their families totally blessed our socks off (and stuffed me to the brim with yummy food!!) It was such a fun time!
  • Lastly, don’t forget to get your vote in! Time is winding down…Or we could have another 6 weeks, ha! 😀

ETA – I forgot 2 things from my appt…I’m measuring right on…and I don’t have group B Strep…both good things 😉


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