37 weeks!


Didn’t I just write THIS post yesterday? So crazy how fast this pregnancy has flown. This has definitely been my hardest one yet. Some say it’s a girl…some say it’s the 3rd pregnancy and the body just doing what it does…some say it’s having two littles to chase after…Who really knows! There’s one thing that has remained consistent since that post announcing this pregnancy – I still want a fat, juicy cheeseburger every single day. Whew. Just the thought of one makes me want to drool!

The boys are ever so excited for this baby! Keaton asks multiple times a day if it’s time to “go get the baby” and Benjamin loves planting kisses on my belly and talking to the baby (talking = him screaming, “HEY BABY!!!!! SEE YOU SOON!!!”)

We are just in waiting mode now!


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  1. LOL! I’ve noticed with this pregnancy that I feel way more contractions and it’s earlier. I didn’t really notice any with Xavi, and with Aria I didn’t notice until it got closer to 32 wks or so. I’m going with the “it’s just your body doing it’s thing”.

    Silly Benjamin! Xavi keeps telling me that he can hear “new baby” talking to him because my window (my belly button) is open. 😛

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