I am now a mama to three….



Here is our newest, precious addition – Caedmon Luke!

I told you, just barely!

Caedmon arrived at 3:09am on Thursday, August 19th!



Here’s his birth story, so if you don’t want the details, click away now 😉

I had posted about all the contractions I had for the week prior to his birth. But Wednesday arrived and it was a pretty quiet day. I had a couple of contractions throughout the day, but really, in comparison to the previous 5 days, it was nothing to talk about. Zach could tell I was exhausted and drained – mentally, emotionally and physically – from all the contractions, so when he got home about 545pm on the 18th, he told me that he was going to stay home from work on Thursday and let me rest.

I went and got a shower so I could relax and I was going to just go lay down. I thought about taking a benadryl so I could get some good sleep, since Zach was going to stay home the next day, but decided against it. As I was getting ready for my shower, I had a contraction. When I got out of the shower I had another – they were about 30 minutes apart, nothing to talk about.

I got some things cleaned up around our bedroom and said good night to the boys – and in this time span, had two more contractions, about 20 minutes apart. Still nothing to talk about.

Zach cleaned up the kitchen and actually kept the boys awake as some storms were rolling through and they wouldn’t have been able to sleep anyways.

Around 745pm, the contractions were about 10-12minutes apart and lasting about a minute long. Although I really wanted to ignore them, I couldn’t. I tried to lay down, but I was in so much pain every time I tried. I was so angry. I was exhausted and couldn’t even keep my eyes open. I kept praying for the contractions to stop as they had every other night for the past week but they just kept coming.

Zach got the boys in bed and I grabbed another shower – that was notorious for killing my contractions, but it just made them come closer together and more intense.

I called my doula Shawna around 930pm and let her know what was going on – by this point, the contractions were 7-10mins apart and lasting about a minute (some closer, some further, some shorter, some longer, but all super intense). I told her to get some rest and I would update her if anything progressed.

Around 1030pm, I knew we needed to leave – SOON. I was having contractions anywhere from 3-7minutes apart, lasting anywhere from 60-90seconds (we were waiting for 5-7mins and 75-90secs, and I just flew past that!)

I called my midwife around 1045pm to let her know we would be leaving very soon. I was still able to focus and talk through them and in between them and she was afraid I was coming too soon. I knew though that I was not being sent home and was willing to chance that. If I wasn’t in labor then something was seriously wrong with me 😉 While I called my midwife, Zach tried calling his parents to let them know what was going on, called my mom and let her know what was going on and some amazing friends from small group to come stay with the boys. (We were blessed beyond our wildest imagination to have a slew of friends offer to come be with the boys should we need to go NOW! Never did I think we would have to use that list! Since there were storms rolling through and the boys have become terrified of thunder, we called a couple from our small group so they could tag team with the boys should the storms scare them, and we knew they’d be most comfortable with them since they see them practically every Sunday…Eric & Erica — you two ROCK!!!!) 🙂

Zach called Shawna shortly after 11pm to let her know we’d be picking her up soon. I threw last minute things together in between…”bathroom breaks” (gotta love your body ‘clearing the way for baby!’ I didn’t think we’d ever get out of the house! Not to mention, I had to pee with every contraction! Hah!)

We finally left to get Shawna shortly after 1145pm.

The nearly hour long drive was miserable (I thought it was awful with Benjamin, but this didn’t compare!)

We arrived at the hospital right after 1230am. Shawna walked in with me and Zach went to park the car. We waited in the lobby – no way was I going up with out him! We got nervous looks from janitors and doctors heading outside to get fresh air as I walked around the lobby leaning over everything, swaying, moaning and squatting, haha!

Zach finally arrived and we headed up to L&D. I got all checked in, signed all the forms and they admitted me to triage for monitoring. Around 115am they finally got a good enough read on my contractions and how baby was doing and it was time for them to check and see how far along I was. I had very high hopes of being 7-8cm…I was 6cm – we were staying and having a baby!

My triage nurse helped us get to our birthing room and on the way there I had 3 contractions – it was a very long walk, but no way was I sitting.

We got to our room and met our labor nurse, Keller – she was spunky and fun and we really liked her.

This is where it got fun… ::eyeroll::

Because I wanted to VBAC, I “had” to have a hep lock should they need to place an IV immediately. They also needed to draw blood for lab work. So here I am, 6-ish cm and they are trying to find a vein (on the woman who hates needles). It took 3 tries on my right arm (while blowing out a vein in the process) and a second nurse got it in on my left fairly quickly (dejavu anyone? I mean, seriously). Not to mention while all this is going on, the on-call OB had come in to do the VBAC consent…WAIT! Didn’t I sign that already??) And THEN the anesthesiologist came in, “I’m sure you don’t need me…” then get out, thank you very much…) The whole time I’m having the most intense contractions and feeling pushy…

Everyone finally leaves and I tell my midwife that I have to push. She has me lay down so she can check me and I was at 8cm.

She asked me to turn on my left side and see if that would help move my cervix quicker.

I would not say that Benjamin’s birth was overly painful – hard, yes! Painful, no, not really. At this point, I really felt like my body was going to explode – I will say, yes, it was painful, but definitely not enough to deter me from another natural birth one day!

When I turned to my side, I really felt I lost all control over my body (Shawna and Zach have commented on how in control I was, ha!) But, at the same time, the thought of moving to another position made me think I was going to die.

After another contraction, I was 9cm and my midwife offered to break my water. I (accidentally!) yelled and said, “NO! Don’t do it!” With both B & K, I had to have my water broken (well, with K, I didn’t “have” to, I just didn’t know better), I wanted my body to do it’s own thing when it was ready. She said she’d gladly leave it alone.

Another contraction and I told my midwife something along the lines of, “I can’t NOT push…I have to push…” She responded, “Just listen to your body and do what you need to do.”

As intense and crazy as it was, it was honestly perfect. There was no one screaming numbers in my face, no one telling me to push/try harder, just encouragement from every single person in the room.

During a push, my water broke…and I laughed 😉

Caedmon started to crown and I got to reach down and feel his head. I never felt the “ring of fire” with Benjamin (probably because I was more upright, working WITH gravity and not against it, and he wasn’t descending as fast?) but, I most definitely felt it this time (and lived to talk about it! haha) I slowly breathed through it and there came baby!

We put him on my chest immediately and Zach announced that we had a BOY!

My nurse informed me that I started pushing at 303am and he was born at 309am – not sure how many pushes there were as I just pushed when I needed to.

Caedmon got to stay on my chest while they assessed him, we let the cord stop pulsing and Zach cut it.

I had a 1st degree tear (much “nicer” than with Benjamin, ha!) and I nursed him for the first time shortly after he was born (it was such a whirlwind that I have no idea when).

We headed up to our postpartum room around 5am and got settled there.

We got home around 230pm Friday and it was (and IS!) so nice to be home with ALL my guys!

He really just wanted to sleep on Thursday (I don’t blame him!) and didn’t want to nurse. We had a Lactation Consultant who was trying to make me nurse him in a position I hate, with a kiddo who had no interest. So, that made for a sore mama, but we are working through that as he is a nursing CHAMP now and an eating machine.

His big brothers adore him! They ask to hold him all day.

So, that’s that! We have another sweet boy!


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  1. Love this story! You are a rock star!! Praise God for a healthy baby boy and a happy mama! Blessings to you and your precious family!

  2. YAY for a natural birth – and YAY for another boy! Speaking from experience, I happen to think that 3 boys is WONDERFUL! I know you agree! 😉

  3. Yay! Glad everything went well for you and that you are all home and happy now. (I’m jealous of your super short hospital stay!) Natural birth is truly amazing. I felt like I was dying at one point, but am so glad I went through with it! I definitely felt the ring of fire, but I did push on my back because by then I didn’t have any energy to do anything else. It wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated, honestly. I’d definitely do it all over again…just not any time soon! 😉 Now if I could figure out this breastfeeding stuff… I’m trying really hard to not be frustrated, but I had NO help whatsoever from the so called consultation I had with the lactation consultant and I’m really mad about that. I guess I get what I paid for (it’s a free service at our hospital). Can’t wait to meet little Caedmon! (And Benjamin for that matter.)

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