Not how I planned on spending my morning…


Our morning was to only consist of a visit to the chiropractor, just for Caedmon and myself – a lil post-birth get the aches out adjustment, if you will. Well, throw in Benjamin’s little fall from the pediatrician’s office on Monday and someone else needed an adjustment. As I was getting C ready to leave this morning, his umbilical cord stump was bothering me. There was something just not right about it. I asked our chiropractor and she agreed we needed to make a trip back to the pedi to have her look at it (it was slightly concerning to her at our appointment on Monday as it was bleeding a bit, but, she gave me a couple tips and sent us on our way). By the time we were leaving the chiro, it was hanging on by a thread, gross looking and foul-smelling. I think these little stumps are the most stressful part of the newborn weeks. ugh.

Anywho, we got there, and of course it was time for C to eat, so as soon as we got there, the nurse took us back (Zach stayed in the van with the boys and went and got lunch for us so they wouldn’t have to be bored at the dr’s again!) I was going to sit and nurse him til the pedi came in, but she was right on the heels of the nurse. We tried to talk for a second and she cut me off and told me to sit and feed Caedmon, as he was screaming his precious head off. I told her that I would nurse him after she looked at his cord and she said, “That can wait…he cannot…please, sit…” 30 minutes later and after chit-chatting with our pedi (!) we finally got around to looking at his cord. It was neat to sit and talk with her for that long – I honestly don’t think I’ve ever just sat around and shot the breeze with a caregiver for that long!

We decided the best course of action was silver nitrate to cauterize it. She said she had wanted to suggest that on Monday, but really felt it was best to let nature do its thing for a couple more days – I told her that had she suggested it on Monday, we would have declined, but today, something had to be done. I didn’t want to rush the thing off, but, …it was stressing me out! So I had to hold C down while she did her thing and assured me that it would be off in a day or two and I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Poor lil dude had a rough morning! Getting all adjusted (if only he KNEW what good it was doing for him (and me!) and how good it really does feel!) and then that! Whew!

BUT, my adjustment felt great! We had a good laugh when we walked in to our room there. Our chiro always posts lil tips or suggestions on her walls and this one was about chiropractic prenatal care. It said that regular adjustments could lessen back pain, sciatica and morning sickness, as well as result in a faster labor and birth…ya think? 😉

Tomorrow morning: pictures! Yay! (too bad Benjamin still looks like a Klingon…or something…) sigh. Boys 😉


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  1. We rushed Q to the ER one sunday night at 6 weeks because he was bleeding from his already fallen off belly button! It was soooo stressful. They cauterized it as well, but what a night!!
    So sorry you had to deal with this too!

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