Promised Pictures :)


Ok, get ready for photo overload (or so I hope!) 🙂

This was moments before we left the hospital – I like to think his expression matches my excitement to get the heck out of dodge!

B adores C – he wants to be near him at all times!

LOVE the froggy legs 🙂

Looks totally uncomfortable, but, C likes it 😉

Snuggles with Bebe

I finally remembered to copy an idea from Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing. She takes a picture of her kiddos on the first of every month…ok, so I took the picture and THEN realized it was the first and decided to post it 😉 We’ll aim for better…well, AIM next month! C wasn’t happy, it was all I could do to get B to actually look TOWARDS me and K kept leaning out of the frame… Such is life 😉

Well, we apparently have a little model on our hands 😉 I have a very talented friend who has the most adorable crocheted items – PLEASE check out her etsy shop, Bethanys5! In turn, Bethany has a very talented photographer friend, Jennifer. Bethany needed photos of some newborn items, Jennifer needed newborn photography experience…and I have a newborn! 😉 We all got together Sunday afternoon and did a little photo session. I was not expecting anything in return for this, just glad to help a friend (and a friend of a friend!) out, but Bethany had made a hat for C and Jennifer was gracious enough to email me the pictures! Ok, enough rambling: enjoy!

(C got to keep this hat – Go Heels!!) 🙂

Whew! Like I said, photo overload! 🙂 But, now you’re about caught up on the first 13 days of our sweet boy 🙂

My success story for the day, all three boys napping at the same time…I think I’ll treat myself to half a can of Dr. Pepper with some maraschino cherry juice mixed in…. 😀 I’m trying to be good, as C doesn’t seem to like it much when I have caffeine but last night had a rough start and I didn’t get to sleep til after midnight, so mama deserves a lil treat 😉 ((Be praying for how I can manage 3 without caffeine!! ha!))


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! My one year photo session was less than stellar…stellar being ok….it was horrible and now we have to go back! Glad to see you all are adjusting well!!!

    • Oh Hayley! We are getting SO much use out of those diapers!!!! We can’t thank you enough!!!! 😀 I was SO giddy that the Star Wars one fits him already – Zach loves having that on him, lol

  2. Amazing pics! I love those cute little legs! And all those crochet pics are super-cute too! You have a sweet little man on your hands! 🙂

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