Not how I planned on spending my weekend & Labor Day…


Saturday afternoon, I had the worst headache – migraine like. I was nursing C and told Zach that as soon as I was done, I was getting a hot shower and getting rid of the headache, I could barely open my eyes the pain was so bad. I took some Advil and got in the shower, but it just got worse. I laid down on the couch with C after my shower and decided to try to nap. I woke up a couple hours later feeling miserable. I don’t know what in the world made me think of it, but my first thought was, “I bet I have mastitis…” I remembered feeling a plugged duct the night before and I just wanted to cry thinking I could possibly have it…

I texted a couple of friends and we group-diagnosed me as having it – by this point, I’m freezing, achy, and running a fever. I knew my best bet was to rest, drink loads of water and nurse C to his little hearts content (even more so than usual, ha). So, off to bed we went. As the evening wore on, I felt more and more miserable.

I was so bummed to miss church Sunday morning, as it’s pretty much the only place I’m going these days and to see other adult faces…sigh…I stayed in bed with C and continued our rest/nurse/drink routine. My fever was still present (it went away Saturday night because I took Advil so I could sleep without headache/chills/aches) so I called my midwife as I was only feeling worse than I had on Saturday. After talking with her for a few minutes, she decided that I needed an antibiotic and got that sent to our local pharmacy, promising me that in 12-18 hours I would notice a huge difference. I really did not want an antibiotic, but I knew I couldn’t let this linger. So, Zach picked it up on his way home from church (he went with B & K so I could get some rest).

By dinner time, I had my appetite back, but that was it. But come Monday morning, I was feeling better for sure. Headache remained, but fever, chills, aches were gone. I opted to stay in bed all day again, since Zach had the day off and I knew, once he returned to work, there was no more resting (or at least very little).

Today (Tuesday), I feel even better, just no energy whatsoever.

It was an emotionally draining weekend, as well as physically. C had been going about 3-3.5 hour stretches at night between feedings, but I have been nursing him every 2hrs since the plugged duct which has made for some long nights (well, I guess short nights is more like it!) It seems we’ve had nursing troubles from the start this go round – I lost count of the times I just sat & cried while nursing or holding C this weekend, just wishing it was a bad dream and I would wake up & not be in pain (kind of like the night I was in labor with him, ha!) Now that we’re on the other side, I have a better attitude about it, as well as a lot more knowledge on the subject!

My prayer now is that I/we won’t catch Thrush…that would be fantastic (PLEASE note the sarcasm!) B had it, I thankfully did not, and I don’t even want to get my big toe back in those waters!


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  1. I had mastitis with 2 or 3 of my kiddos. My latest was this past March with Rosalie. MISERABLE! I managed to make it through without antibiotics, though. I stayed in bed just like you! Do you have a good quality probiotic? If you do – take it on an empty stomach if you can. Hopefully – you won’t have to deal with thrush!!

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