Check ups


This morning, Benjamin had his 2-yr check up and Caedmon had his one-month check up (ONE MONTH?!)

Benjamin weighed in at 31lbs and 35.5in tall! Our pedi was super impressed with his speech, how well he follows directions and his growth in general. We declined vaccines for him for today, although we agreed to the lead/iron finger prick check – and my boys seem to follow after me, as he is slightly anemic, not enough to worry, but just enough to make a note of it. Big man didn’t even flinch when they pricked his finger (I was squeezing the snot out of HIS hand though! Ha!)

Caedmon…oh, sweet, never-quit-eating-Caedmon ๐Ÿ™‚ Little dude won’t be little dude for long! He weighed in at 10lbs12oz and 22.5in long! Our pedi LOVED seeing these numbers for an exclusively breastfed baby (and encouraged me on our feeding habits, ha!) She raved about how beautiful C is and how his “eyes are full of wisdom” (She says quirky things like this, lol, I love it). We declined vaccines for him as well.

She loved how the boys’ cloth diapers matched their clothes (what’s funny is we went with what was clean…not at all trying to be matchy matchy!)

The boys did great, and I kept my sanity, much thanks to my mom coming down and helping (she stayed home with Keaton, who enjoyed the much needed one-on-one time!)

We’ll go back in a month for C and 6 months for B.

For now, Caedmon and I will continue our “eating habits” and keep on chunking him up ๐Ÿ˜‰

I went back to see what B & K clocked in at at one month:

Keaton (born at 8lbs9oz and 20.5in) 11lbs and 23in.

Benjamin (born at 8lbs5oz and 21.5in) 9lbs12oz and 22.75in.

Caedmon (born at 7lbs4oz and 20in) 10lbs12oz and 22.5in.


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