Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a fan of fall…or winter…I can tolerate spring, but I LOVE summer. Fall and winter kick my allergies into high gear and winter brings awful sickness to our family…summer is just plain fun 🙂

Well, I thought we’d get a reprieve from the ickiness starting since it’s still nice and hot outside…

Not so much.

At the end of last week, Benjamin started in with a snotty nose and congestion…

Saturday, I started feeling it, but was in denial. Sunday, I felt it a bit more, but still refused to believe it.

Sunday night, as I had to suction Caedmon’s nose every hour because he could barely breathe, I felt it more and more with each passing hour.

C would take forever to nurse since he couldn’t breathe through his nose and it would take me forever to get him nursing since I felt like such poo I couldn’t (didn’t want to!) move.

This morning, Keaton has had a runny nose too.

If we can keep Zach healthy, maybe he can keep the house up and running?

I threw some chili in the crockpot, not because it felt like the seasonal thing to do on this yucky (although much needed!) dreary, rainy day… I made it in hopes of opening up some sinuses tonight at dinner!


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