The Boys (an update)



  • Has become quite bossy 😉 He feels the need to repeat everything I say to Benjamin… I’ll leave it at that 😉
  • Will be moving up in Sunday school classes a week early…my baby will have to go in a different building…I *will* be OK with this 😉
  • Has taken it upon himself to ‘teach’ Benjamin…this would be great, except he leaves out the number 5 when counting (ha!) and only like vowels and sings the ABC song with just A’s, E’s, I’s, O’s and U’s (and never Y) 😉
  • Has a crazy active imagination! The stuff he comes up with!
  • Thinks it’s hilarious when I misspeak 😉 I keep calling Caedmon, Benjamin and vice versa – everytime he CRACKS up laughing and says, “Silly mommy…that’s BEN!!! (or That’s Caedmon!)”…sigh…
  • Is very observant – if I move something, add something to the room (even something like moving their cup of markers from the 4th shelf of the book case to the 3rd…) I instantly hear, “MOM!? Why is this here????” It’s almost scary the things he notices!
  • *Loves* coloring and reading
  • Majorly dislikes chicken 😉


  • Is displaying his 2-ness quite well. He has this little foot stomp he does when he is really ticked and it’s honestly REALLY funny! I have such a hard time trying not to laugh every single time.
  • Has been doing great since moving up to his Young 2’s Sunday school class (he was very hesitant for us to leave the room when he was in Older Toddlers)
  • Is *very* physical (example: Keaton walked by and ‘nudged’ Benjamin… Benjamin turned around and tackled Keaton…) oh BOY!
  • Is quite the copy cat…and a little parrot… (see next bullet)
  • This morning after breakfast, Keaton kept bringing out clothes asking if it was OK if he could wear this, that or the other. I finally said, “Keaton, just get some shorts like you’ve been wearing all summer, and a t-shirt, you don’t need jeans and a sweater!” Benjamin said, “Yeh, Keaton!” I kind of muttered, “You tell him, Benjamin…” Next thing I know, Benjamin is yelling down the hall, “GET SOME SHORTS, KEATON!!!!” hahahaha!!! Zach just shot me a “You asked for that” look 😉
  • If you saw him right now, you’d know he is all boy! He busted his lip on his dump truck on Saturday…Sunday, he fell at the lake (I think on the sidewalk? I wasn’t around) and skinned up his knee…Monday, he tripped in his room and hit his lip (again!) on the bed…and Tuesday, did something to his forehead and has a scratch on it…Poor kiddo
  • He too, loves coloring and reading…
  • He also, hates when I make something with chicken in it…You can see this presents a cooking challenge, ha!
  • He has QUITE the twang (I’m working on getting it on video, but he loses it the second I hit record) …think “We go ta papa’s hoooooouuuuuse?” haha, love it


  • is perfect.
  • ha 😉
  • It took about 4 weeks, but we got over all nursing issues (soreness, poor latch, mastitis, and tight jaw) and he is a champ – a fast and efficient eater…I mean, 10-15 mins, drains both sides fast and efficient! Now, he is most definitely a mama’s boy and will gladly linger for an hour or more if I let him (I may or may not often oblige) 😉
  • I won’t talk about his sleep for fear of ruining a great thing it.
  • Is quickly outgrowing some of his 3-6 month onesies that I JUST pulled out for him…He is long and solid. I think we have another Benjamin on our hands!
  • Has lost his “top hair” (It may or may not have been my fault as I may or may not have taken a wash cloth to wash his hair…) He’s been looking a bit George Costanza like 😉 He still had his super baby soft hair on the back of his head (that I may or may not have spent hours touching)…but that has started to disappear, but I noticed last night that he’s got some peach fuzz coming in on top. Whereas his baby hair was jet black…this hair appears to be blonde (which I thought he would be based on eye lashes and eye brows) – so we’ll see! We could have a blue eyed red head, brown eyed brown haired kiddo and a gray/green eyed blonde! We REALLY didn’t steal any, I promise!
  • Is getting to be more and more all smiles – it never ceases to melt me, those early smiles.
  • Yesterday, twice in his sleep, he CRACKED up laughing…the second time was as he dozed off after a middle of the night feeding and he laughed for a good 3 seconds – must have been a really funny dream!
  • Is patient beyond belief – he sat in his bouncy seat, alone, in the kitchen for 15+ minutes while I ran around like a maniac trying to get things cleaned up & ready for the day. Every time I’d make a run through the kitchen, he’d just look at me with this, “I’m cool, do what you need to do” look
  • Loves being in the ring sling, but not so much the wrap (which breaks my heart because I SO love the wrap, but, the ring sling was a special gift and so it makes it totally worth it!) He slept almost the entire time in the sling while we were at the lake for baptisms on Sunday…well, except when it was completely silent and people were sharing their testimonies…he decided to scream the whole time 😉
  • Still has some reflux issues going on, which don’t seem to bother him at all – we just go through a dozen or so burp cloths a day = a lot of laundry! We’ve been going to our chiropractor weekly to get that (and his jaw) straightened out (no pun intended!) 😉
  • Wants to eat, so I need to run!

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