October “1st” (aka the 5th)


So I totally forgot to do a first-of-the-month shot…and then remembered on the 2nd..and 3rd…and 4th…and this morning, I was determined to do something about it…so, here’s about as close to the first of the month as you get around here 😉

B didn’t want to be in the picture….
(Keaton, days shy of 3.5 years; Caedmon, days shy of 7 weeks)

so I tricked him 😉
(Benjamin, 25months)

A HILARIOUS picture I took with my phone this morning. I had just finished nursing the growth spurt monster C & he needed to burp, so I plopped him on my shoulder. I looked over and busted out laughing at the sight…

How many chins can one little person have??!!

Today is the day we should start seeing a difference in his reflux if dairy is indeed the culprit…

Meanwhile I just put more 3-6 month clothes in the wash for the growing machine…we’ll see how long he’s in the “big-3-6month” clothes 😉

Sunday afternoon, my sweet friends, Ron & Whitney, had their precious baby boy!! This morning two more sets friends, Alicia & Marc and Brad & Jleigh, welcomed their babies into the world, a boy & girl respectively! So exciting!


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