Mr. Double Chin


I had my “6 week” check up with my midwife yesterday and here was some dialogue:

As the nurse was weighing me and checking my BP, C was screaming – mainly because he was angry he was in his carseat and not moving. The nurse knelt down while waiting for the BP machine to finish and asked me if it was ‘chow time’. I said that it wasn’t but he probably wouldn’t turn it away. She laid eyes on C and said, “Well, Mr. Double Chin, you don’t look like you’ve missed a feeding!”

She got me set up in a room and said that my midwife would be along in a few but to feel free to go ahead and feed C, “Mama’s can wait, babies don’t.” 🙂 So, I nursed him and we waited on my midwife. She came in and did a double take at my file. She said, “Six weeks already?!” I told her it was actually seven, and completely impossible! She came over to see C and said, “SEVEN?! He’s huge!” I held him while she checked me over and she offered to hold him while I got dressed. She went to take him and almost dropped him! I laughed and told her that he definitely wasn’t one of the newborns she was used to handling! She couldn’t get over his…girth 🙂

I’ve gotten the fall/winter clothes out for the boys, and that included footed PJs for C. I was scrolling through pictures for a blog post and found a picture of B in the same PJs that C was wearing 2 days ago. The PJs were pretty snug on C with not much room to grow, if any. I checked the date of the picture of B – it was November ’08…He would have been about 3 months…and he had some wiggle room in the PJs…C is a BIG boy! Ohhhhh boy! He is wearing 3-6month clothes, but, growing out of them rather quickly! It’s a good thing there’s a consignment sale in town this weekend! All my friends get to shop for their kids for other seasons, I’ve yet to know what that is like…if I went by the calendar year and how children are “supposed” to grow, we’d be without clothes. (Keaton is currently in 4T/5 clothing, Benjamin is in 3T/4T and Caedmon…well…just growing like a weed!)

Our dairy free (DF) week was not so “dairy free”, I pretty much found out every day that something I hate had dairy in it. We saw a slight change in C’s reflux, but not a huge amount. We were supposed to meet with our chiro this morning, but she was out sick, so we rescheduled for Monday morning. I went ahead and planned another DF week, meal wise, and will pay even MORE attention than I paid last week. I must say that I like DF a lot better than when we had to do GF with B, I could NOT get my taste buds to enjoy GF. This time last week, I was in tears and completely overwhelmed, but I’m in a much better place now and just ready to know for certain if this is our new normal.


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