Happy Boy


The following pictures show you what a happy baby Caedmon is:

Here, you can kind of see the dimple that will allow him to get away with anything in a couple of years…

Again with the dimple…

In the mornings, it takes him a couple minutes to fully wake up – he’ll look around all bleary eyed, stretching the most amazing stretches, yawns, then, it happens. He makes eye contact with me, and he gives the fullest grin you’ve ever seen and just melts this mama!

The other time he gets super happy – when I’m changing his diaper, I’ll be talking to him, and if I say, “Are you ready to eat?” He starts kicking and grinning, flapping those arms and getting all excited 🙂

Just as I was sitting here typing all this, the best thing happened. Caedmon is currently napping on me, and I felt his body kind of tense up. I touched his back to help him relax, and he busted out laughing. His whole body was shaking and he was just laughing away 🙂


for the record, before each of these pictures, his whole face was a grin. as soon as he saw the camera, Mr. Serious joined the party. he apparently isn’t too sure what that camera is all about 😉


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