3 months


Sigh. Impossible, but true!

Caedmon traits:

LOVES sucking on his fist. Not his thumb. Not his fingers. His fist. Even if he just ate for an hour, he’ll suck on his fist. For the fun of it. To go to sleep. Because he can. It’s pretty gross (his hand smells like spit up all.the.time. ha!) but, at least we’re not searching for a paci! Love those hands and fingers! They’re always right where you left them and right there when you need them!

He is in the middle of his 3 month growth spurt (we say it all the time, that our boys live in a 6 month growth spurt, but, the eating every 2 hours at night kind of gives this one away!) I mastered the art of nursing laying down in bed with Benjamin…so we’re not losing too much sleep – just when he bites… >.<

We need to get batteries for our digital bathroom scale. Why? I got out 6-9/12 month clothes for C last week…we’ve tried 4 outfits so far…2 were too tight, one was near-snug and one was “ok” for now. wow.

He is into social smiling. If he wants to. πŸ™‚ But he does love people (I’m noticing he, like his brothers, likes the ladies more than guys).

LOVES his daddy. He will break his neck looking for Zach!

Has the most PITIFUL pouty face. Oh. My. Word. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. Trying to get it on camera, but failing at that!

He sleeps all night, minus the feeding, but we don’t really even wake up for that (no where NEAR sleeping through the night while not “growth spurting”, but whatever. He will one day! For now, I enjoy those precious night time snuggles!)

He adores Keaton, and isn’t so sure about Benjamin. The feelings are mutual from the big boys as well πŸ˜‰

Saturday, we had family pictures taken. We had a dear, sweet friend of mine take them. She & I go waaaaay back πŸ™‚ Caedmon did great & actually fell asleep on the chilly, windy morning!

We broke out the jumperoo for him this weekend. He hasn’t quite gathered he can jump in it yet, but it won’t be long til he is entertaining us!

He loves the ring sling – not so much a fan of any other babywearing device, which saddens me, but at least he likes something! πŸ™‚

He just fell asleep on me, so I’m going to enjoy this snuggle time before the big boys get up from naps & it is time to get dinner going.

Christina – thank you so much for capturing these sweet moments with my 3rd born πŸ™‚


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