We’ve had quite a week with little man. Last Tuesday, he started sounding very croupy. Since we’ve been there, done that a number of times with the big boys, I wasn’t worried, just did what I could to keep him comfy. We had plans to head to VA to Zach’s parents on Thursday, and we kept those plans.

By Thursday, C was starting to sound better. We headed to VA on some slippery roads in spots (as it snowed/iced the night before the morning of our trip), and prepared to celebrate Christmas with Zach’s parents.

When we arrived at Zach’s parents, almost immediately, C was congested, watery eyes, coughing, sneezing. It took a couple nights of no sleep/sleeping sitting up for me to realize that he most likely had inherited my animal dander allergies.  (Sure enough, once we got home, got changed into animal-dander-free clothes and got everything washed/vacuumed/cleaned from animal hair, he did a complete 180…)

The boys got spoiled rotten on Christmas #1. I think I gained about 20lbs from standing in the kitchen all day munching on yummies.

On Saturday, we went to Roanoke to visit Zach’s grandmother and eat at our favorite place.

We got back home yesterday afternoon about 330. Home. Sweet home.

Caedmon had a horrible night. He kept waking up screaming, wouldn’t eat for anything…he has a bulging gum line, so that explains a lot of things.

We go Thursday for his 4 month appt.

So, what is Caedmon up to at 4 months?

He has rolled over once – on Thursday as I was packing the van. I promptly put him on his back and told him not to do that again 😉

He loves people (mostly). Especially his mama. If I’m out of sight, it’s not pretty!

He makes THE funniest faces when he gets excited! He opens his mouth SUPER wide and kind of head dives into your face. Love it.

He keeps his laughs for very special occasions, I can get him to belly laugh, but, he pretty much just does the excited face for Zach.

He has been interested in Keaton from the start, but is starting to enjoy Benjamin’s company more (and vice versa).

He loves chewing on things.

He could give or take his jumperoo, but can’t live without his swing (nor can I!)

He is QUITE the noisemaker. He LOVES jabbering on, and is a screecher. I was reading through blog entries when Benjamin was this age, and apparently, he screeched a lot too – I don’t remember it being this ‘bad’.

He has a temper for sure. He can go from super-excited-happy-baby to super-angry-fussy-baby in no time flat. He keeps us on our toes.

He’s a heavy beast. He’s outgrown clothes that Benjamin was wearing at this age. I feel like he’s smaller than B was, but last night, we were playing with C and the kid is just big. That’s all there is to it.

Still exclusively breastfed, has only had 2 bottles of pumped milk. He hates bottles. But I need to get him to like them fairly quickly as I have a couple births lined up in the next few months for my doula certification. Baby’s gotta take a bottle then!! No plans to start solids any time soon. Keep it easy as long as we can!

Tonight, we celebrate Christmas with Zach’s sister & her family. And then my mom will be here this weekend.


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