And he rolls…


As of Monday, we have a rolling baby. I deterred him as long as I could, but, he is pretty stubborn! 😉 Not as early as Keaton (who rolled at 6 weeks & hasn’t stopped moving since…) and earlier than Benjamin (who patiently waited to roll til 6 months).

Caedmon is a crazy man though – already arching his back when trying to get him into his carseat/swing/bouncy seat – told you, stubborn!

His two front teeth are RIGHTTHERE. And he is pretty miserable about it at night time. Nights are long, as he wants to eat, thinking it’ll relieve his pain, and so he starts nursing, only to find that that isn’t helping and he gets frustrated, eventually goes back to sleep, and the cycle continues. I have noticed that the couple of times he has fallen asleep with me propped up in bed and him on my chest, are the nights that are the best – so if that’s what it takes, that’s what I’ll do. I know before long, he’ll be entirely too big to snuggle at night, and one day, he won’t want me to, so I’ll take it now! He refuses to really chew on anything other than this fingers or my shoulder 😉 We’ve given him all sorts of teethers, but he chooses to stick with his fingers, guess they do a pretty good job!

We’re getting ready for round 3 of family this weekend for birthday celebration #1 (mine, in case any one cares…or forgot) 😉 and round 4/birthday celebration #2 next weekend. I go to tour a preschool for Keaton next Friday. And then Zach’s classes start back up. Meanwhile, I have my 2 certifying births for my doula certification lined up, so in about 2 weeks, I’ll be on-call for about 3 months as we wait on some babies!

OH, and it wouldn’t be right of me, if I didn’t mention here how the Year of the Dead Appliance has continued…

About 2-3 weeks ago, our microwave died.We replaced it with a beast …Well, first with an itty bitty thing, and we took that back once we saw how small it was. Then the beast came – you can fit a 9×13 casserole dish in this thing – and the plate will still rotate…wow. And Zach claims there were bigger microwaves there!

Last Friday, I was making dough for cinnamon rolls in my breadmaker…

you guessed it…

Both were picked up by the bulk pick up trash collectors yesterday morning.

Also, in weather news, we got approximately (we didn’t measure, so I’m just going with ‘local reports’ here) 8″ of snow Christmas night/day after Christmas! Ridiculous, as it’s our 3rd snow so far this fall/winter…

As one who hates winter/being cold/snow and loves hot weather/sunshine, I’m very ready for summer to be here!!


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