Sick kid/laughing baby/addiction


Benjamin is sick.

Caedmon has the best belly laugh. Ever.

I’m addicted to Angry Birds.

That about sums it all up here… 🙂

I’ll leave you with a picture (and return with an update this afternoon on Benjamin after his appointment…)

I mean for real. Melt. My. Heart.

(A little info from that picture – C was super congested yesterday/super angry teething baby and would scream bloody murder if I put him down. I took it as a chance to slooooooow doooooown. So we snoozed together in my comfy chair. He was passed out asleep, but whenever I would look at him and smile, in his sleep,  he would smile. I did it about 5 times before taking a picture. That kid rocks.)  🙂


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