update on the sick kiddo


Well, just as I suspected, B has croup. Our pedi is great, and we talked about natural ways to help him and she wrote a prescription for an oral steroid. She could tell I wasn’t thrilled with the idea so we talked for a few. We agreed that what he really needed, was rest. His little (ok, not so little, as Benjamin clocked in at 32lbs 6oz!) body wasn’t getting that. She said the prescription was for medication to be taken over the course of 5 days – she was going to leave it up to me to figure out what he needed (breath of fresh air? yes, thank you very much!) We could do it one night, so he’d get that rest, we could do the recommended 2x a day for 5 days, just at night for 5 days, as needed – what *I* felt he needed.

We gave it to him last night at dinner time, as he seemed to go from bad to worse when we got home (most likely from exhaustion – horrible night and no nap). After dinner, he hit his “roid high” – talk about entertainment!!! He spun in circles and sang for the LONGest time, acting super goofy! And then. He slept. Whew.

I debated giving it to him this morning, but he started hacking again – the internal debate continued, and I went with the medication again. He’s doing a super job of “just resting” today, and I can definitely see an improvement. We’ll most likely doing his medication again tonight, and try tomorrow without to see where he is.

Now, praying the other two don’t get it!


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  1. Boo! that is no good! The only way we can get Quinn to slow down is to turn on the tube or a movie…or several. Yes, a day of tv is a brain loss, but at least he is resting with an occasional spin around the room…which is also nice bc it keeps things moving….GOOD LUCK!

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